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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A New Nickname For Me

There is much discussion going on at work because of the current mail count. A good deal of it regards the odd way that certain pieces of mail are counted. It matters not how we handle a particular piece of mail, its classification (and time value) is determined by size and rigidity. Some pieces of mail that we handle as flats are counted as parcels and vice versa. During one of our conversations about this today, I remarked that it was a good thing that they don't count our parcels by the way that we handle them because I wouldn't get very many. It's amazing the things that I can shove in the case!

Bonnie, one of my coworkers, giggled at this and said that from now on she was going to call me "The Shove-in-ator!"

The Shove-in-ator?!
I wonder if that's anything like the Governator...


How Evil Am I?

I'm certain that you're all just dying to know! Once again, the people at Blogthings have created a quiz to determine exactly what we want to know...

Here are my results:

You Are 46% Evil

You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

How Evil Are You?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Madness

This week's questions are all about blogging...

1. What time of year do you blog the most?
I usually post at least once a day all year round, unless I am away from home. The time of year doesn't effect my posting as much as what is going on in my life. I tend to have more to blog about around the times of important (to me) events.

2. What time of year do you seem to blog the least?
See the answer to question 1.

3. What time of DAY do you do your most blogging?
Since I work during the day, most of my blogging is done in the evening.

4. When blog-hopping, do you tend to look at your blogroll list (or fave blogs) to see which ones have been updated, or do you visit your faves on a regular basis regardless?
I don't have a blogroll, per se, just a list of self created links, so I have no way of knowing who has updated until I visit. I try to visit all of my blogger buddies at least once a week.

5. Do you change your blogroll often?
I change my friends and family links as I meet new people. I tend to be slow to remove links to blogs that have become outdated though.

6. How many times a day, after writing a new post, do you check for new comments?
I've never really counted! Probably about three or four times for a normal post. More often for posts to Foto Pherrets or posts that I think might draw the attention of my many lovely blogstalkers.

7. Do you leave comments on others' blogs, or are you more of a lurker?
I comment when I feel that I have something to say. If I just want to say hi, I'm more likely to leave a tag. Sometimes I just lurk...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Random Ten

It's time to recap my weekend once again!

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back.
(oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

It's more music for another boring weekend with no car, courtesy of Media Player's shuffle feature.

1. You And I - The Scorpions
2. Try To Find Me - Gorky Park
3. Could I've Been So Blind - The Black Crowes
4. Miles Away - Winger
5. Come Hell Or High Water -Poison
6. Miss You In A Heartbeat - Def Leppard
7. Yesterday - The Beatles
8. Seeing Things - The Black Crowes
9. Never Enough - L. A. Guns
10. Run Of The Mill - George Harrison

Another mostly metal mix with a bit of Beatles thrown in...

And now for the picture...

It's my buddy, the Diggity Dog, come to get her treats along with Saturday's mail!


The Rachel Ray Scones

Watching too much of The Food Network can be a dangerous thing. While watching 30 Minute meals on this channel the other day, Little Ms. I Do Not Cook (me) discovered a recipe that sounded so easy and yummy that I just had to try it.

Here it is!

1 small box biscuit mix
2 teaspoons coarse black pepper
1/2 cup cream
A couple pinches salt
1 cup shredded Asiago cheese
A generous grating fresh nutmeg
1 egg beaten with a splash water
1 teaspoon sugar

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Combine biscuit mix, black pepper, cream, salt, cheese and nutmeg. Pile mixture into 4 large mounds or 8 small mounds onto a nonstick cookie sheet. Brush scones with egg wash, sprinkle with a little sugar and bake for 10 to 12 minutes for large scones, 7 to 8 minutes for small scones.

Ms. Ray assured me that this recipe could be customised with whatever cheeses or other fillings that you desire, so I made mine with a bit of shredded Mexican cheese. They were quite tasty, but there are a few little changes that I made to Rachel's recipe.

Rachel is a very strange lady, I did not top my cheesy scones with sugar. EWWWW!
I might be inclined to use the sugar if I were using a fruit filling, though then I would omit the pepper.

Half and half was used insted of cream, since I do not want all of the calories and fat. The results were still delicious!

True to Ms. Ray's claims, these tasty treats went from ingredients on the shelf to delectible edibles in less than ten minutes! I can't wait to play withh this recipe some more!

Rachel should be proud. She got me to cook!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Post For The Postally Impaired

Let's face it, I like to bitch about my job. Moreover, I like to bitch about my job here! I'm quite certain that my postal rants have left plenty of you scratching your heads and wondering what the hell I am talking about.

Here are some quick lessons on the art of postal work.

All postal workers are not created equal. The employees working in your local post office belong to three seperate crafts, hence they have three seperate unions to represent them. Clerks (those who sort mail and work at the window) and city carriers (the carriers with the uniforms) are paid an hourly wage. The can earn overtime on a daily basis. Rural carriers (deliver from vehicle, no uniform) are paid a salary based on an anual count of the mail that they handle during a predetermined 2 - 4 week period. They can earn overtime pay only during the three weeks prior to Christmas. Their hourly pay rate is less than that of a city carrier. I am a rural carrier, a member of the few, the proud, the SCREWED!

Classes of mail explained...

First class mail - Individual corresponence, bills, etc. This mail costs the most to send and is expected to be delivered anywhere in the US within three days. The rate of success for this is about 95%. Not bad...

Periodicals (formerly second class mail) - As the name implies, this is mostly magazines and newspapers. The postage rate for this mail is slightly lower. Can be curtailed only in the most extreme circumstances.

Standard mail (formerly bulk rate or third class mail) - This covers the majority of mass mailings, such as catalogs and solicitations for funds. The postage rate is very low. Unless the mailer specifies a delivery date(s), this class of mail can be curtailed for long periods of time.

Mail count explained...

The longer the count, the more accurate it is. This year's count lasts a mere two weeks. During this period of time, every piece of mail that a rural carrier handles is counted. A time value is assigned to each size of mail. Parcels and magazines are worth more time than an ordinary letter. Each extra procedure that a carrier must perform is also assigned a time value, obtaining signatures, scanning barcodes, address corrections, etc. Additional credit is also given for the length of the route and the number of boxes served. All of the figures are added together and divided by the number of days in the count to determine a route's salary (evaluation).

It is easy to see how the post office can save quite a bit of money by curtailing standard mail during the count. Fewer mailpieces = less money paid in salaries...

But they would never do such a dishonest thing to their loyal employees, would they?!

Hell, yeah, they would!

This concludes your lesson in the art of postal work.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Top Five On Friday

Top Five "British" Bands and a song by each

1. The Beatles

Song: Revolution

2. The Moody Blues

Song: The Other Side Of Life

3. Def Leppard

Song: Slang

4. Duran Duran

Song: The Reflex

5. The Rolling Stones

Song: Tumbling Dice

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What shall it be this week?

I know!

Thirteen things that I'd really like to have, but just can't afford.

1. A trip to London on the week of March 31 that includes tickets to The Scorpions' show at Royal Albert Hall.

2. A Gibson Explorer. The least expensive one that I can find costs around $800. The one that I REALLY want is $1100. I just can't justify spending that much money on a guitar at this time.

3. A Dell XPS notebook. Oh, for a state of the art laptop computer...

4. A Volkswagen Passat. A ten speaker stereo system and an air cooled glovebox. I'd never want to leave the car!

5. A vintage 1974 Ford Mustang II, fully restored, as a shrine to my first and best car. I loved that car. I miss that car. They don't make 'em like that any more!

6. A swimming pool. So much nicer to have your own pool in the hot summer months than to have to go the in-law's...

7. An MP3 player with the capability of storing more than 1 g in files.

8. A horse. I love horses. I used to go riding quite frequently when I was younger. I wish that I had a place to keep one.

9. Season tickets for the Pittburgh Steelers 2006 season, or at least a couple of tickets to one of their games. Eternally sold out, I doubt I could get these, even if I could afford them!

10. A Harley Sportster. I've always wanted a motorcycle. My dad told me when I was about 14, "If it ain't a Harley, it ain't a motorcycle." The sportster is the only model small enough for me to handle.
(I have hope on this one. One of my customers has promised to buy me one, should he ever win the lottery!)

11. A full time maid. The only way that my house would ever remain neat and clean.

12. A week long vacation in Atlantic City, NJ.

13. A jacuzzi. What a wonderful way to relax after a hard day at work

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Hump Day Report
Plus hunks!

I'm feeling generally shitty on this glorious hump day. My car is still in the shop. I am sick of being stranded without it. The estranged one was not working today (although he did not inform me of this). He was off galavanting around with his cousin, taking said cousin's car while his sat idle in Mom's driveway. How do I know this? My spies are everywhere! I'm thoroughly pissed! I really could have used that car today. I'm beginning to forget what it feels like to drive something other than a postal vehicle!

I've had no reports from Mr. Mechanic Man on the status of my car, other than the secondhand ones from a friend of a friend. Can't this guy at least call me? Does he not realise that I am his mail carrier, I know where he lives?! If he does not contact me soon, he's going to find me waiting on his porch one evening. I may just "go postal" on him, too! The only bright spot I've seen in the entire automobile situation is that my friend had a similar job done on her car last year by this mechanic, and he only charged her about half of what I expected the bill to be. If such is the case with my car, I suppose I can forgive him for keeping it so long.

On the work front, our mail count begins on Friday. They are shoving every piece of bulk rate mail that they can find through the system as quickly as possible to avoid it being counted. The count is a mere two weeks this year, making it easy to "lose" a lot of bulk mail for the duration. Dammit! I know that I am going to be screwed! I see yet another year of working six days a week in my future, only I doubt I'll be making as much money as I am now.

Perhaps my favorite Hump Day Hunk will cheer me...


Hump Day Hunt

It's the time of week for another meme from the photography loving Foto Pherrets.

The Pherret mememistress says:
Since a long day at work yesterday has left me wanting to stay in bed today, our word for the week is:

Now that's one tired kitty!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blog Etiquette

I used to think that mine was the only blog in Blogland that attracted ignorant freaks, but alas I was mistaken. While doing one of my favorite memes yesterday, I happened upon a comment that was rude, insulting, and vulgar. This comment was left for one of the sweetest people I know. I was angry. I just had to say something to this ignorant pig, but was that enough? It seems to me that there are a lot of bloghoppers out there who could stand a few lessons from Miss Manners.

1. Always remember that there is a real living being posting to the blogs that you visit. Human beings have feelings which can be hurt.

2. If you do not like the content of a blog, you are free to leave it. It is not necessary to tell the blogger how much you hate her blog. (See lesson 1) Just leave, and don't come back!

3. If you believe a blogger to be misinformed about something, it is perfectly acceptable to pass on the correct information to him. It is NOT acceptable to tell him that he is stupid, etc. because of the misinformation.(I refer you again to lesson 1)

4. Everyone is entitled to her opinion. If you wish to tell a blogger of your opposing viewpoint, do so respectfully.

5. Profanity is not acceptable in comments unless you are telling off someone who has ignored the rules of blog etiquette. Even then, it should be used sparingly.

6. Blogs are often the personal journals of their owners. The reflections contained in them are very important to their authors. Telling a blogger hopw sad and pathetic his posts (and hence, his life) are is reprehnsible! (Lesson 1!!!)

If we could all just keep these simple lessons in mind, Blogland would be a much happier place.


Take Me Back Tuesday

Name three songs with transportation related words in the title.

1. Rebel Road - Wild Horses
2. Highway - The Moody Blues
3. Catch Your Train - The Scorpions

Name three artists with transportation related words in their name.
1. The Cars
2. R E O Speedwagon
3. Jefferson Airplane

Name three albums with transportation related words in the title.

1. Lovedrive - The Scorpions
2. Night Flight - Justin Hayward
3. Long Distance Voyager - The Moody Blues

Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Madness

Pick a letter from the alphabet, and then make a list of all the boy, girl, or both names, that you can think of, which start with that letter.

Methinks that someone has devised an interesting way to discover possible names for a baby that is on the way!

My letter is M

Boy's Names:
Matthias, Matthew, Michael, Mark, Marcus, Morris, Maurice, Manfried, Miles, Moses, Manuel, Marvin, Melvin, Montel, Michele, Miguel, Merv, Martin

Girl's Names: Melanie, Monica, Mandy, Mary, Mindy, Melissa, Melinda, Marie, Molly, Marcia, Marsha, Minerva, Mildred, Millie, Martha, Missy, Mona, Marnie, Madison, Maura, Maureen, Marlene


Holidays, Are They Worth It?

Today is a national holiday here in the U. S., President's Day, a day set aside to honor our great leaders, past and... erm... present. I won't go into the many ways which this disgusts me, considering our nation's current leadership. I've gone that road before, and all it got me was nasty comments from radical, right-wing Republicans! Our nation has had some very great leaders, some even in recent years, men like Bill Clinton (forget his sex life, assholes! The man was a terrific president.), Jimmy Carter, and , dare I say it, Ronald Reagan. These men I honor, monkey-boy, I do not!

The more significant meaning of the holiday for me is the supposed day off with pay that I get for it. True, I did get to stay home and still collect my daily wage today, but consider this...

Tomorrow morning I will go to work early to better deal with the massive volume of mail which will be waiting for delivery. I will not be compensated for this, since I am a salaried employee. I will most likely work at least an hour more than my route's daily evaluation, due to the fact that I will be trying to do not just two, but three days worth of work in but one day (mail processed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday). Once again I will receive no compensation for this, excepting for the huge headache that I will have before the day is through. I will be one nasty, cranky-assed, bitch for what is left of the day, even more so than usual.

So, was that paid holiday worth it?
I don't fucking hardly think so!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Random Ten

It's time to recap my weekend once again!

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back.
(oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

Media Player makes for strange playlists when left on shuffle!

These are the first ten songs on this week's playlist of odd combinations...

1. The Voice - The Moody Blues
2. Another Girl - The Beatles
3. Sometimes At Night - Gorky Park
4. The Same Thrill - The Scorpions
5. Hound Dog - Eric Clapton
6. All Depends - Eric Clapton
7. Every Minute Every Day - The Scorpions
8. Priscilla - The Scorpions
9. Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
10. For You Blue - The Beatles

I won't even mention the Christmas songs that I skipped over. Oye-vey!

And now for the picture...

Since Media Player decided that I must listen to Eric Clapton.


If I Were A Donut

Let's face it, there is nothing in the world that goes better with my morning coffee than a nice hot fresh Krispy Kreme Donut! But what sort of donut would I be if I were one? Not something that I had ever thought about. Still, the folks at Blogthings have devised a quiz to tell me just that.

Here are my results...

You Are a Powdered Devil's Food Donut

A total sweetheart on the outside, you love to fool people with your innocent image.
On the inside you're a little darker, richer, and more complex.
You're a hedonist who demands more than one pleasure at a time.
Decadent and daring, you test the limits of human indulgence.

What Donut Are You?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Apology Accepted

I sort of expected the nasty fight that "the estranged one" decided to pick with me last Sunday. After all, Tuesday was Valentine's Day and if he was mad at me he didn't have to take me out or buy me a gift, right?

So... it was going to take something special for me to "forgive" him...

I discovered these at my computer desk this evening.

Hmmmm... a half dozen roses.

I suppose I'll forgive him. For now....

Friday, February 17, 2006

Top Five On Friday

Top Five "Ecstasy Inspiring" Songs

These five songs go beyond "ecstasy inspiring." They're downright orgasmic! You've got to hear them to believe them.

And you can for the next seven days...

Clicky-Clicky! You know the routine...

1. Blood Too Hot - The Scorpions
2. Falling In Love - The Scorpions
3. In Trance [Live] - The Scorpions
4. All Night - Def Leppard
5. Obsession - The Scorpions

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I've compiled a rather intriguing list of thirteen this week.

Thirteen places I'd rather be right now

1. In bed with Matthias Jabs
- Doing something very naughty!

2. Wheeling Island Casino - Playing the slots and pigging out on Island Buffet!

3. Atlantic City, New Jersey - Walking the boardwalk in the wintertime might be fun.

4. In bed with Klaus Meine - Perhaps doing something naughty, or perhaps just holding him close and savoring his sweetness.

5. Maui - On a nice warm beach!

6. Canada - Where file sharing is LEGAL!

7. Berkley Springs - Oooooo! Fender guitars! Lots of them!

8. In bed with Rudolf Schenker - I'm sure that I could get over the initial trauma of hearing him being called Rudy...

9. The Mall of America - Equipped with plenty of someone else's money to spend!

10. New York City - Taking in a few Broadway shows

11. In bed with Justin Hayward - Because Justin needs to have a LIVE woman in his bed.

12. Las Vegas, Nevada - So many pretty lights!

13. Sevilla, Spain - I've been there once. It's a beautiful city. I'd love to go back!

To those of you offended by all of my "in bed with" choices...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hump Day Hunks

Because it just wouldn't be Hump Day without 'em!

There's nothing like a bit of eye candy to get me over the Valentine's Day blahs!


Food For Thought

By now we've all heard about how the Bush administration is using the Patriot Act to justify warrantless wiretaps and other surveillance of private citizens. Some may think that this is necessary to combat terrorism, but have they really thought this through? What of our rights under the constitution?

Perhaps we should consider this:

Because the president ignored the laws set by congress to regulate domestic surveillance of US citizens, evidence collected through his warrantless wire-tapping program may not be admissible in courts, and our front-line intelligence officials have been put in serious legal jeopardy. By going it alone, the administration has undercut our national security.

Scary, isn't it? We can be spied on by monkey boy and his friends to obtain information that cannot be used in court. Seems like a rather pointless invasion of privacy to me. Something must be done about this. If you agree with me, I urge you to go and express your support for Resolution 350 here.


Hump Day Hunt

It's time for the weekly photo meme from the folks at Foto Pherrets.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so in spite of her cynicism, the pherret in charge chose this as the word of the week:

This is Shorty. Shorty loves me. Were his owner at home to let him out, I would be drowned in an endless sea of doggie kisses. Alas, poor Shorty is home alone. He must be content to look at me through the screen with loving eyes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day For The Cynic

It's February 14, Valentine's Day. Quite frankly, I'll be glad when it's over. This holiday just makes me feel sort of nauseous. I get to hear about all of the lovebirds' plans for the evening. I get to look at the dozen roses that "Princess Tracy's" husband sent sent to her at work. But what do I get? Nothing! Nada! Squat! You have to have someone who loves you to get things on Valentine's Day, and I guess I'm just unlovable. Or maybe there just aren't any men out there with the courage to love a woman who says what she thinks. I sugar coat nothing. I say what's on my mind. I just can't be all sweetness and light, but at least if I give you a compliment you know that I mean it.

I wasn't always this way. I used to believe in love and all of that crap, but life has taught me otherwise. I've learned to be cynical, and I've learned well.

So, what sort of music does a cynic listen to on Valentine's Day?
Here's a sampling of my playlist for today...

Deep And Dark - The Scorpions
Love Bites - Def Leppard
You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi
Destroyed By You - Vanilla Ninja
What's This Thing - Wild Horses
Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Neil Young

Perhaps I should call this my Love Stinks playlist. Grab these while you can. They'll only be available for a week.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Addiction For Me?

You Are 63% Addicted to Blogthings

You lead the pack when it comes to posting Blogthings.
And your friends (mostly) thank you for it.
It's cute that you insist on being called your Japanese name.
Just stop bragging about your IQ score!

How Addicted To Blogthings Are You?

I guess that 63% is pretty damned addicted...
I wonder when they are going to make a blogthing about how anal are you about your blogthings? I'd probably score 100% on that! I think that I just might be the only person around who customises the blogthing results to match my template.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Random Ten

It's time to recap my weekend once again!

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back.
(oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

This is what I listened to on the weekend of the great snowstorm that never happened.

1. Stay - Vanilla Ninja
2. In Trance - The Scorpions
3.No One Like You - The Scorpions
4. 99 In The Shade - Bon Jovi
5. Action - Gorky Park
6. All Night - Def Leppard
7. Isn't It A Pity - George Harrison
8. Complicated - Bon Jovi
9. Destroyed By You - Vanilla Ninja
10. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard

Media player was feeling my need to hear hair metal this weekend. I have no idea how George Harrison sneaked in there!

And now for the picture...

We did get a little bit of snow, but hardly anything that could be called a snowstorm. This is what my backyard looked like this evening.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Platinum Collection

Back in January, I pre-ordered what was called The Scorpions' new album. Calling it a new album was quite a joke. It is, in fact, yet another compilation album. Calling it a pre-order was a joke as well. The album has been available in Hong Kong since September. At the time of my order I was not really certain that I wanted this collection. There are only five songs on it that I don't already own on at least one other album. But, hey, the guys need a bit more of my money...right? How could I possibly deprive them?

Who could deprive faces like these?

This morning my brand new copy of The Platinum Collection arrived in my mailbox (from Australia. God only knows if or when this album will be released in the US). I was excited. My excitement was short lived.Upon opening the package, I discover that the jewel case is mangled. I can barely open it to get to the three CDs which are inside. Fortunately the CDs are unharmed.

My next disappointment comes when I discover that this boxed set contains no added extras; no bio, no photos large enough to be seen without a magnifying glass, no lyric sheet...

I was further disappointed by those five songs that I didn't already have, all of them from the pre-Matthias days of the band. I am sorry to say that neither Uli Jon Roth nor Michael Schenker can hold a candle to Mati's style. The band just wasn't as good without him. I was particularly disappointed by the studio version of In Trance. The live (1995) version is incredible. The studio version just sort of falls flat. What is the point of having Kaus make all of those delightful orgasmic sounds if you're going to muff up his vocals?

Overall, I'd reccommend this "new album" only to those who don't own very much of the band's other material. It is quite the definitive collection, although IMHO one of their very best songs was omitted, Du Bist So Schmutzig. Why they left out this song is beyond my comprehension!

I own this album because I'm a die hard fan. I suppose that knowing what I do now, I would probably still have bought it, but was it worth the price I paid for it? Quite honestly, I can say no.

Do us all a favor, guys, and go into the studio and record some new material. Quit rehashing the old stuff. Klaus sounds better now than he ever did when he was young. Matthias outshines both of his predecessors on guitar. Pawel deserves a chance to really be heard. In short, you are better now than ever before. Go out and flaunt it!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Top Five On Friday

Top Five "" Songs

1. Here In My Heart - The Scorpions
2. Heart Of Gold - Neil Young
3. Bringin' On The Heartbreak - Def Leppard
4. Miss You In A Heartbeat - Def Leppard
5. Two Hearts - Phil Collins

Want any of these "heart" songs? Give me a holler and I'll upload them for you.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's time for another list of thirteen from the queen of snark! What shall it be? Since everyone knows how much I dislike the

who currently occupies The White House, I think I'll go with this...

Thirteen people who would be a better choice for president of The United States than George W. Bush

Please note that this list includes logical reasonable choices along with some really outrageous ones. Still, I think that they would all be better men (or women) for the job!

1. John Kerry - Thank goodness that I live in a "Blue State." If only there were more of them!

2. Bill Clinton - He did a damned good job while he was in office. I would have been all for him serving a third term if he were allowed.

3. Hillary Clinton - If I can't have Bill in office, his wife would be my next choice.

4. Harrison Ford - He did the job quite well in Air Force One!

5. Clint Eastwood - I can just hear him telling Osama bin Laden, "Go ahead, make my day!"

6. John Lennon - So what that he's British and dead! At least he was smart enough to know to Give Peace A Chance!

7. Treize Khushrenada - This animé character from the series Gundam Wing knows much more about world leadership than our current president.

8. My grandmother - She has walked this earth for nearly 99 years. I'm certain that she knows a hell of a lot more than "monkey boy."

9. Peter Tork - Since we have a monkey in office, wouldn't it be better to have a Monkee?

10. Lynn Swan - This former Steeler great is planning to run for governor in the state of Pennsylvania. I think he should skip that and go straight for the top. But would the radical right wingers have the courage to vote for this black man who is, in fact, a republican?

11. Jesus - "Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God, that which is God's." At least HE understood the meaning of the seperation of church and state.

12. Sherlock Holmes - Perhaps the super-sleuth could find those weapons of mass sestruction...

13. Mickey Mouse - Like my momma told me, "When there is no decent candidate running, vote for Mickey Mouse!"

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Hump Day Hunk

I'm still on a high from the Steelers' Super Bowl victory on Sunday.Keeping that in mind, I have a very special Hump Day hunk this week, Steelers' quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.

Now I'm old enough to be Ben's momma, but that doesn't matter to me. I think it would be fun to be his "Mrs. Robinson", if you know what I mean...

Ben cleans up quite nicely. I only wish that Letterman had removed ALL of the facial hair. It's a shame to hide such a nice face behind a beard, no matter how small...

Another thing that I love about Ben is this...

Anyone who poses for a picture like this with his dog is an OK guy in my book.