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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Theater Thursday

This week we have a Mickey Mouse Movie Meme - all about Disney films.

1. What is your favorite Disney film? If it's animated, what's your favorite live action film?

My Favorite Disney film has the same title whether it is animated or live action, 101 Dalmations. Although the two movies each took a different approach to the story, both were funny and entertaining for children and adults.

2. What Disney character is your favorite, and why? Which character do you think is overrated and/or overused? (they don't have to be animated characters)
My favorite animated Disnety characters are , of course, Pongo and Perdita and their puppies.

As for the most overrated and overused charater, I would have to say that it is Mickey Mouse. Although he is symbolic of the Disney corporation, the character has never held much appeal for me.

3. Why do you think the Disney appeal has endured so long and been so influential in American film and culture?
Disney animation is ultimately the highest quality of animation produced in The United States. Another determining factor in Disney's continuing popularity is their ability to produce quality family films on a regular basis.

BONUS~ If you were Walt Disney and you suddenly came back from the dead (or got unfrozen, or had your head reattached, or whatever), what would be your impressions of what the company has made since you "died" (in 1966)?
I would probably be shocked at how much the company had grown since my death. I also might be a bit upset by the material being produced by Touchstone (a part of the Disney corporation). My commitment was to producing family films...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

In just a couple of days, October 2nd to be exact, we'll be celebrating "Name Your Car Day!" Beep beep! Now we all know that the heap of nuts and bolts parked outside has probably been given many names in the past (but !^%& is very hard to pronounce)!! For this week's pre-hump tell us if your car has a name, what it is and why...or if you don't have a car, how about your computer? And if you haven't already named one or the other, now's the time!

Meet Sarah the Sunbird. Lady Starlight likes aliteration!

Sarah may be old and beat up, but she's 100% mine! I love her.

OK, fellow loonatics, time for the Hump! An even dozen "I say ___, you think ___". Just jot down the first word that comes to mind when you read the following...ready, set, H U M P !!

1. jungle:
George of the Jungle
2. paper bag: Wearing these over their heads would make some men much more attractive!
3. wollop: Slug
4. oops: Sorry about that...
5. block: What I have in place in my comments to frustrate Moody Bitches
6. remnant: Carpet leftover
7. knickknack: Something that sits upon a shelf, collecting dust
8. utter: Utter foolishness, that's what this is!
9. crevice: Cracks and crevices
10. lollipop: Lollipop! Lollipop! Oh, lolly lollipop! Lollipop!
11. drip: Chinese water torture
12. blue The Moody Blues

The oh-so-cwazy Wednesday Mind Hump, brought to you by that gang of brain-cell challenged gals of BDInsanity!
See you next Hump Day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Random Thoughts For Today

A little bit of advice for these guys...

If I am doing something wrong, I understand perfectly that it it your job to give me a citation. (Yeah, I got one today.) I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is your attitude! I know what I did and why I did it. Putting me in a situation where I feel the need to make excuses is ridiculous. I did not deny my error. As a matter of fact, I acknowledged it. I do not need your lectures. Letting me sit in my car for ten minutes, seething, while you do whatever you do back in your police car is annoying beyond belief. It makes me uncomfortable. Hell, it makes me hate you. Is that really what you want? One day you may find yourself lost on my route and in need of directions. Be prepared for a wild goose chase, honey, because that is what you're going to get. So, chuck the attitude and just do your job. I'll pay my fine and mend my evil ways...

Ahhh... that rant felt good!

My Wish List

Buy Lady Starlight A Present Day is approaching. If you're wondering what this is, allow me to explain. When I reached the age of twenty-nine, I decided that I did not want to get any older. The birthdays stopped there. I shall be twenty-nine until the day that I die. The only problem with this arrangement is that I like to get presents. Doesn't everyone?! By eliminating my birthday I was losing a grand opportunity to get presents. In order to rectify this situation, I declared that November 20 of each subsequent year shall be known as Buy Lady Starlight A Present Day. I do not get any older on this day, but my friends and family still get to give me presents. It's an ideal situation, really!

As this day approaches, there are always those who ask me what I would like to receive as a gift. Damn and blast! Some of these people still insist upon calling it my birthday! Usually I have a tough time coming up with an answer to their queries, but not this year! I know exactly what I want...

I want to be in Vegas on buy me a present day! Nothing could make me happier than casinos, pretty lights, slot machines... Oh, did I mention that The Scorpions will be playing there on that day?

So, does anyone out there love me enough (and have enough bucks) to give me what my heart so greatly desires? I doubt it.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Music Mambo
Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

It's Mambo Time again ladies and gentlemen. This week is a countdown of sorts. A Musical Countdown of favorites and memories. So do you think that you're up to it?

5. -- Songs that make you happy

Du Bist So Schmutzig - The Scorpions
Don't Need A Reindeer - The Moody Blues
Monkey To Man - Elvis Costello
The Mighty Quinn - Manfred Man
She Hates Me - Puddle Of Mud

4. -- Albums you can't live without
Eye II Eye
Face The Heat
Savage Amusement

All of these albums are by The Scorpions, of course!

3. -- Artists that you'd like to recommend
The Scorpions
The Moody Blues
Bernie Barlow

Bernie makes the list twice, since she also plays with the Moody Blues!

2. -- Songs that you and one of your parents enjoy
Memory , from the musical Cats
John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads , but Mom is a bit confused about the lyrics.

1. -- Musical memory you'd like to share....
A picture is worth a thousand words...


Name THREE of your........

1. Pet Peeves:

People who don't know the difference between your and you're, they're and their, then and than, its and it's, etc.

Seeing a plural pronoun used to refer to a singular noun.

Hearing the word nuclear pronounced nucular! There is only one U in the word.

* The Grammar Nazi has spoken *

2. Favorite Sounds:
Matthias Jabs' guitar

Klaus Meine's voice

My Fender twelve string guitar

3. Desk Items:

Ash tray


4. Biggest Fears:
Heights, more spcefically, falling from them!

Losing a loved one. I don't handle death well.

Moody Bitches. Those "ladies" scare me!

5. Biggest Challenges:
Reaching items on the top shelf at the supermarket. I'm only a fraction of an inch taller than five feet.

Training my new "virgin" sub. I've trained several people on various routes before, but this is the first time that I've had to train someone who is totally new to the USPS.

Thinking of answers to all of these questions!

6. Newest 'Toys':
Digital camera

Portable CD player for my car

Laptop computer. I've had it for over a year, but it's still one of my newest toys. I don't buy myself toys often. They're too expensive!

7. Most Used Words:



I should have been in the Navy. I cuss like a sailor!

8. Most Misspelled Words:
"The Grammar Nazi" does not misspell words! There is a dictionary at her side to prevent this from happening.

9. Favorite Disney Characters:
Herbie, the VW with a mind of his own in the Love Bug Movies.

Mulan. I loved that movie, even though it seems that no one else did!

Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmatians.

10. Bookmarks on Your Homepage:
The Scorpions Official Website

Love At First Sting, my Matthias Jabs shrine

World-of-Smilies.de, THE place to go for amusing smilies!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

It's Time For Sunday Brunch!


"Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day - like writing a poem, or saying a prayer."
~Anne Morrow Lindbergh~

1. If you had a wedding, what flowers did you have at your wedding?
I still have my flowers from my wedding, a beautiful reminder of the biggest mistake that I ever made. The bouquet is one of silk roses in shades of pale blue and white. It's a bit rumpled and dusty after nineteen years, but it's still intact.

2. What is your favorite flower?
Such a difficult decision! There are so many beautiful types of flowers.

Roses are definitely one of my favorites.

I am also quite fond of tulips.

3. Do you have flowers as part of your landscaping outside or your interior decor?
I don't much care for cut flowers and I tend to kill potted plants, so there are no flowers inside my home. Outside is entirely different. In the spring my fenceline is littered with tulips and daffodils. For the rest of the growing season I have a large rose bush of red surrounded by marigolds growing at the base of my front porch.

4. If you went to your high school prom, what kind of flower did you wear in your corsage?
Ther is a funny thing about the guys that I knew in high school, most of them tended to see me as one of their buddies rather than as a girlfriend. Everyone knows that you don't take one of your buddies to the prom, and since these events were only for couples at that time, I never attended one. No prom equals no flowers.

5. Do you like to receive flowers as a gift or do you think it is a waste of money?
Generally I think that the price of most flowers is by far too high for something that is only temporary. There is also something rather unpleasantly symbolic about this. Like most romantic relationships, they last only for a short time, then whither away and die. I prefer not to receive flowers as a gift.

Answered like the truly bitter cynic that I am...

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Daily Dirt!


1. What's your favorite song?

You can't make me choose! Nope, the rabid Scorpions fan refuses to choose! My favorite album is probably Eye II Eye , but I could never choose a single favorite song.

2. What song do you hate the most?
I positively loathe Whitney Houston's cover of I Will Always Love You. Someone really should put that wailing banshee out of her misery, or Dolly Parton should sue her, or BOTH!

3. What song do you hear most on the radio?
They play one of those god-awful adult contemporary radio stations at my office. The program director of that station is some sort of idiot. Every morning at 8:00 AM I hear Sheryl Crow's cover of The First Cut Is The Deepest. That song is a close second to the one mentioned in the answer to the previous question. Does no one listen to good music anymore?

4. What song describes you the most?
The Scorpions' Deep And Dark.

It's deep and dark
Deep down in my heart
It's deep and dark
Without someone to love.

5. Could you write a song and then sing it?
I've done so before, but it's been a long time. Get me my guitar and I'll see what I can do...

Friday, September 24, 2004

Things That Annoy Me
Part Two

Since I'm feeling exceptionally annoyed today, I thought it might bring me some relief to continue my ever growing list.

Annoying Thing #6: Typos. I must confess that I am a perfectionist. In addition to spell check, I keep a rather large dictionary by my computer. If you see a mis-spelled word here, it's probably a typo. I proofread and preview my posts several times before publication, but this is not enough for the world's worst typist (me)!

Nothing irks me more than discovering a nasty little typo days or even weeks after posting. Really, people, I am not stupid. I just can't type.

Annoying thing #7: Little red x's!

These things are even more blasted annoying when they occur on the page of some idiot who has blocked right clicking, leaving me without the option to reload the picture only. Why block right clicking, anyway? Do you think that this will stop people from "stealing" your images? Think again! With the nifty little PrtScr key, I can still acquire anything that displays itself on my computer screen, including images which are displayed in Flash!

If you don't want other people to have and use your images, hoard them on your hard drive. The world will never know what a selfish bastard you really are that way.

Annoying thing #8: Moody Bitches. I have never in my life come across a group of people who were more pompous and annoying than these "ladies."

Behold the looks on the faces of the band as they discovered what the vast majority of their fans were like...

They don't look very happy, do they?

Annoying thing #9: People who don't say thank-you. If I do something for you, or give you a gift, it is only logical that you should thank me. If you do not, I am left wondering, did you receive my gift? Did my efforts displease you in some way? I'd really like to know.

Remember this little guy!

What he is saying is very important!

~This concludes my rants for today~

Thursday, September 23, 2004

A Special Wish!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very special friend of mine a very happy birthday. I know that he will not see this until the day is over where he is, but better late than never. Happy Birthday, Firaas!

I would also like to offer him this little parody of the ever famous Happy Birthday Song.

Happy birthday to you
You live in a zoo
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one, too
P. U.

Tee hee! Just kidding!

I hope that the day brought him every joy that he expected.


Theater Thursday

The Big Screen

1. Do you remember the very first time you watched a movie on the big screen? Describe it.

Although I may have been to see a kiddie flick before this, the very first movie that I have a clear memory of going to the theater to see was The Beatles Help! in 1965.

I was a mere three years old at the time. My mom and I walked to the Coyle Theater to see it. My older brother was probably with us as well. What I remember most about seeing it that very first time is that I was very upset because they were trying to hurt Ringo. He was my favorite Beatle at that time.

2. What was the last movie you saw on the big screen?
That would be my current favorite movie, Van Helsing.

I went to see it for the fifth time a few weeks ago!

3. Did you ever like a movie so much that you paid to watch it more than once? If so, what movie?
Hell, yeah! See the answer to the previous question. Other movies that I have gone to see in the theater multiple times include all of the movies in the original Star Wars trilogy, E. T. and most of the older Disney cartoon movies.

BONUS~ How much does a movie ticket cost in your neck of the woods?
Ticket prices vary greatly in this area. If you don't mind waiting for a while to see a movie, The Maxi Saver Cinema shows movies that have been out for a while for a buck fifty on weekends. It's cheaper during the week. First run movies can be seen at bargain matinees for prices from $4.50 to $5.50. A full priced evening show is usually about $7.50.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

Let's celebrate ICE CREAM CONE DAY! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream ... cones that is. Yay! This day commemorates the day the ice cream cone was patented. Can you imagine? Before 1903 they used paper cones or metal cones. Thank goodness edible cones were invented because we all know that sucking the last bit of ice cream out of the bottom of the cone before we shove the whole thing in our mouth is confection heaven!

It's time for some pre-humping action so let's warm up! Everyone needs or wants something. Tell us, what could you use a double scoop of today? What would you give your bestfriend a double scoop of? It doesn't have to be ice cream -- it can be anything: kindness, hugs, time ...

Hmmm... I think that my sister would appreciate a big ol' double scoop of Moody Men!

Here's hoping that she's willing to share 'cos I could use a double scoop of that, too!

Yes, indeedy, You know the song so hump along!

Maestro, a little humpty mood music, please!

Let's do the Wednesday Mind Hump! Do it baby! Do the humpty hump!

This week some getting to know you humping with a bit of an insane twist.

1. A scented candle has been created that represents your daily life -- what smells might that candle emit?

Let us first think of what my daily life entails. For six of the seven days of the week I spend much of my time delivering mail on a rural mail route. The scents which denote this major part of my daily life are not pretty, Essence of cow manure, Eu de road kill, Aroma of burning garbage...
Yuck! I don't think that anyone will buy my candle.

2. If all of a sudden all money became useless and whatever you had the most of made you wealthy, what are you rich with?
The Queen Of Bitches is rich with sarcastic wit. Don't believe me?! Just ask "the estranged one."

3. You've won a "Everything You Can Grab In Three Minutes" shopping spree at your favorite store. What store is it and what would be the first thing you'd grab?

I'm off to the Guitar Center in Monroeville! The first thing that I will grab is a Gibson Explorer. Even if I am unable to grab anything else, this will bring me great joy!

4. One million dollars to pose for Playboy or Playgirl ... do you do it? If yes, what month would you be the perfect centerfold for? If no, what magazine would you be a good centerfold for?
If the world really wants to see me naked badly enough to pay me this much money, who am I to refuse? I can't imagine why they'd want me to pose nude though, unless there has suddenly been a great development of appreciation for full figured women. I'd rather be a centerfold for Guitar Player !

5. You have an alarm clock that does whatever is necessary to wake you up and get you out of bed -- describe what process the alarm clock would perform.
My alarm clock is Matthias Jabs.

He awakens me by placing gentle kisses all over my body.
Wait! This won't work! I am awake, but there's no way that I'm getting out of bed!

That's it for now little Humpaluffaguses.

Peace and humptiness forever from those crazy coquettes who have the pedal to the metal --- too bad we're in Neutral. Wah Hahahahaha!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Things That Annoy Me
Part One

This list is going to be long, so I shall be dividing it into several posts over the next few weeks. Come, all, comiserate with me, get angry at me or just have a good chuckle at the expense of the idiots who inhabit planet earth!

Annoying thing #1: The employees at the West Mifflin Best Buy. I was there today with my eighteen yer old son. He was purchasing one of those "Mature" rated video games. The woman working the register refused to sell it to him because he does not drive and therefore has no photo ID. Even when I stated that I was his mother and that he was in fact over the age of eighteen, they still would not allow him to purchase it. I had to take his goddamned money and purchase it for him!
This brings to mind...

Annoying thing #2: Video game ratings. For crying out loud, people, they're only games! They are fantasy, not reality. These games provide a much needed outlet for many of the nasty tendencies that are part of human nature. No one has ever committed a violent act because of what he has seen in a game. If he claims that he has, he is merely making excuses. These excuses are no more valid than the classic "The dog ate my homework!"
Oh, you say, some of these games contain *gasp* nudity! Big deal. It is not even a REAL human body, it's computer generated animation. Even if it were, what's the big deal? We all come into this world naked, why should what a human body looks like be such a big secret?
But there may be profanity or sexual content, you argue. To that I say, pull your head out of your ass. You've been breathing those methane fumes by far too long! If you've sent your little darlings off to school, they have already seen and heard all sorts of these things from all of their innocent little peers, probably even before they reached the first grade!

Annoying thing #3: Censorsip in general. I thought that we were supposed to have freedom of speech in this country...

Annoying thing #4: Religious fanatics. Quit trying to foist your ideas about god upon me. I have my own, thank you very much. I am quite happy for you that you have found your peace with your higher power, but what works for you may not work for me. Leave me the hell alone!

Annoying thing #5: The war in Iraq. Certainly Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator who needed to be removed from power. There is no doubt of that. What I question is why our president felt that it was the responsibility of the United States to do so. The Iraqi people were not the ones responsible for the terrorist attacks on our country. All of our allies, except for the UK, advised us against entering this conflict. There were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And foremost, the Iraqi people did not ask our aid in removing Hussein from power. We now appear to be a bunch of big bullies to the rest of the world. Millions of dollars must now be spent helping the Iraqi people rebuild, while Americans who have been devastasted by the recent hurricanes and susequent flooding will probably be unable to receive adequate aid. Osama Bin Laden remains at large...

Screw you, Mr. Bush. I'm voting for John Kerry!

This concludes today's rant.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday Music Mambo
Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

Once again the time has come to Mambo! Autumn is just around the corner, so it's time to think of some autumn roadtripping music and new releases. There's so much music coming out in the next few months that everyone should have something new to mambo to.

So without further ado or adieux or a-do or whatever, let's just get to the Mambo. Whatdayathink?

1. What music makes you think of autumn? (Songs, genres etc...)

One particular song keeps popping into my mind, California Dreaming.

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is gray...

2. What new releases are you looking forward to this fall/winter?
I still have fantasies about The Scorpions releasing a Christmas album, but that is all that it is. With the band on the road well into November, I doubt that such a thing would happen. I wish that the guys would consider it, though, perhaps next year.

Realistically, there is nothing in particular that I am anxiously awaiting. I merely look forward to discovering something pleasurable which catches my ear.

3. If you're making a road trip over a weekend, what music do you take with you if any?
Silly, silly question! I take The Scorpions, of course! If I had to go an entire weekend without hearing Klaus' sexy whine or Matthias' screaming guitar, I would shrivel away and die!

4. Does your musical mood shift in autumn? (Meaning do you listen to different types of music from season to season?)
I love The Scorpions all year round, but summertime often gives me an uncontrollable urge to listen to The Beach Boys.

5. If you could see one band in the fall concert season, who would it be and why? (The band has to be currently touring)
Well, duh! The Scorpions, of course! Unfortunately, the nearest the Unbreakable tour is coming to where I live is Chicago on October 29. Somehow I don't believe that I will be able to make it there...


Make a perfect driving mix. Pick 15 songs that you love to hear while driving.

The Ultimate Scorpions Mix

Cover Photo

1. No One Like You
2. Rock You Like A Hurricane
3. Bad Boys Running Wild
4. Rhythm Of Love
5. Passion Rules The Game
6. Alien Naton
7. No Pain No Gain
8. Wind Of Change
9. Someone To Touch
10. Moment Of Glory
11. Du Bist So Schmutzig
12. Freshly Squeezed
13. Deep And Dark
14. Someday Is Now
15. My City My Town


1. My sofa is the most used piece of furniture in my house.

2. The one electronic 'gadget' that I use most often is my computer, of course.

3. My favorite appliance, and the one I absolutely cannot live without is the microwave.
Without it, I would never eat!

4. One thing that I thought I just HAD to have at one time, and I now barely ever use, is my Cloud Walker.
It's an exercise machine. I really should use it more often!

5. I find it easiest to keep in touch with family and friends via face to face conversation or e-mail if they live far away.

6. I own more cd's (or other music media) than I do anything else in the whole wide world!
I am assuming that this includes not only my CDs, vinyl albums, and cassete tapes, but also my guitars and keyboards...

7. All my important addresses are stored in/on my head.
This is not a very reliable medium. I really need to put them into a file on my computer.

8. If I had to live without TWO keys on my keyboard, I would choose \| and `~.
I don't think that I've ever used either one of these until now, except perhaps for decoration.

9. I probably own about three pieces of software that I haven't used in years.
These would be the Pokémon and Rugrats print programs that I bought to make things for my kids. They have both outgrown that stuff now.

10. There are a few food items that I try NEVER to run out of, and those would be frozen dinners and coffee.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Muchka And Itchy

Awww! Kitties in love. Aren't they sweet!

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Seen On My Route

Every time that I see these figurines I think of a certain friend of mine. I wonder why...

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Meet My Lord And Master!

Yes, Foamy is my lord and master.

"Why?" you may ask.

The answer is quite simple. Unlike most people, this outspoken squirrel is not afraid to speak his mind. He has no regard for political correctness or any other bullshit like that. He just tells it like it is. For this reason, he has earned my undying respect and admiration.

Much like myself, Foamy loves to rant. He rants about relationships. He rants about Atkins. He rants about his fan mail. In short, he rants about everything! His latest rant is about tech support people. If you have ever had to call tech support or any other customer service line, you are bound to enjoy this one!

Don't believe me?!

Click here to see it for yourself.

Remember, join the card cult today. Spread the plague!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Daily Dirt!

This or That...

1. Coke or Pepsi?

2. TV or Computer?

3. Vanilla or Chocolate?

4. Sprite or Sierra Mist?

5. Avril or Pink?



The Windmills Of My Mind

These are the windmills located along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. They certainly look different than what you would expect.

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