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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Yes, nineteen years ago, on this very day, I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I married "the estranged one." I wish that I had known then what I do now. But, alas I thought I was in love, and perhaps I was. I do not know. I also do not know why I leave myself stuck in this miserable non - relationship. I have plenty of grounds for divorce. We haven't lived together for over two years, he is seeing someone else (although he is not aware that I know this), I have no desire to reconcile, we tried that several times before and obviously it did not work, so what is stopping me? I've been giving this a lot of thought and have come up with a few theories.

1. I fear paying him spousal support. Because I make much more than he does and the length of time we have been married, he would be entitled to make a claim for it. I wouldn't put it past the greedy but lazy bastard to do so.

2. He is still useful for some things, even though sex is not one of them. I can still get him to cut the grass and make minor household and automotive repairs, gratis.

3. I don't trust him not to drag old skeletons out of the closet during divorce and/or custody procedings. I'm a recovering alcoholic. I've done some things in the past that aren't pretty. They are put behind me now, and I don't want to see them dragged out into the open again.

4. Division of property! Argh! I don't even want to think about that...

So there you have it, my exceptionally lame reasons for remaining in this marital limbo of mine. Will I ever gather enough courage to file for divorce? I don't know. I hope that I will. I need to get on with my life...

Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday Music Mambo
Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

To all of the kidlets out there in Mamboland, Happy Mambo Day! After all, everyday is a Mambo Day in Mamboland. But before you think that the Moodylady is off her Mamboing Rocker...

August 29, 1966 was the day the Beatles played their last concert in Candlestick Park. And since it's the end of August, it's time to wrap up the summer concerts.

So for a warm up let's take the letters C-O-N-C-E-R-T and being as crazy and creative as you can, tell us how you feel about live concerts, what you love and what you hate about them. Tell us how you really feel!!

an I ever go to one and not be sitting next to the worst drunk at the venue?!
Oh! If only I could be so lucky!
Never do I fail to be sitting next to some drunken slob!
Can I never be allowed to watch a show in peace?
Even at The Music Of Andrew Lloyd-Weber I got seated by a drunk!
Ridiculous, that's what it is.
The secutity people never seem to notice them!

Now let's get mamboing!

1. Which 5 bands/artists would you like to see the most in concert?

The Scorpions, Def Leppard, The Moody Blues, Elton John, and Jimmy Buffet. I have seen two of these five in concert at least once.

2. Where's your favorite place to enjoy a live show and why?
The Tropicana in Atlantic City was exceptionally nice. Security wasn't evil, and there were so many other fun things to do both before and after the show.

3. If you could go back in time and see a concert that you missed, or that you weren't alive for, what show would attend?
I would like to see The Scorpions play at The Moscow Peacefest in 1989. Why? Just to see those 100,000 Russians that Klaus is always talking about!

4. How do you rate you city for getting good shows to come through. On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent and tell us why you rated it that way.
I'll give Pittsburgh one point for being nearby, but that's it! They hire former KGB agents to work security. Parking is either non-existant or overpriced. Getting to most of the venues is a nightmare, especially Poat Gazette Pavillion...
I could go on and on...
If you can catch a show anywhere besides Pittsburgh, do!

5. What band would you most like to see reunite and go on tour?
In the late 80's there was a metal band from Russia called Gorky Park. Their music was great and they were quite attractive. After the novelty of their being a Russian band wore off, they just disappeared. I would love to have the opportunity to see these guys in concert.

There you go kidlets. That's this week's Mambo. So go out there and get dancing!


It's time for Monday Madness again! Let's play!!

Name 3 of your favorite.......

1. Colors
- Purple, black, and red. You never would have guessed that by looking at this blog, would you?!

2. Pizza Toppings - Ham, pinapple, and green peppers. Pizza Hawaiian style. Mmmmmm...

3. Department Stores - I used to love Montgomery Ward, we had one in our town. It was a great place to have around when you needed just about anything. Unfortunately, these stores are all gone now. I also like J. C. Penney and Kaufmann's for their excellent sales.

4. Flavors of Candy - That would depend on what type of candy it is, but generally cherry, strawberry, and raspberry are good choices.

5. Scents of Candles - A vanilla scented one is burning even as I type this. My other favorite scents are baked apple pie and jasmine.

6. Days of the Week - Sunday, because it is my only day off work, Tuesday, because there is never much mail on Tuesday, and Saturday, at least when my kids go with their father. Ah! Peace and quiet!

7. Vegetables - I love spinach. Popeye would be so proud! I am also fond of broccoli and cabbage.

8. Fruits - Ruby red grapefruit, grapes, and peaches.

9. Meals to cook - TV dinners, frozen pot pies, or something in a can. Have I mentioned before that I don't cook!

10. Kitchen Gadgets - The miocrowave, the can opener, and the toaster. The only kitchen gadgets that I ever use. See answer to the previous question!

11. Olympic Sports - Hockey, figure skating, and skiing. I occasionally watch the winter Olympics, but they could cancel the summer games and I wouldn't even notice!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

It's Time For Sunday Brunch!

Here are this week's questions...

1. Indoor or outdoor weddings?

Marriage is a foolish and outdated institution which should be eliminated! NO WEDDINGS, I say!
If you do feel the need to waste your money on a fancy event to celebrate a marriage that probably isn't going to last, then do it right. The ceremony should be in a church and the reception anywhere but a firehall!!!
Do I sound bitter here?

2. How many weddings have you been in?
Not counting my own, I have been in two. I was maid of honor at my friend Vera's first wedding. She is on husband number two now. I was also a bridesmaid at my brother's first wedding. That Cassanova is on wife number three now! Talk about unlucky in love...

3. When you were married, what type of wedding did you have?
I was three months pregnant with my first child when I married "the estranged one." I had a freaking shotgun wedding!

4. Have you caught the bouquet or garter?
Doesn't that mean that I would be the next in line for the foolishness of marriage? Why would I want to do a stupid thing such as that? The answer is a resounding "NO!"

5. Tell us about a funny, scary or memorable wedding moment.
When I was a teenager, my brother took me to his friend Greg's wedding. The bartender there didn't much care who he served and neither did my brother. I got totally trashed that day on vodka and orange juice! Awwww... my very first drunken episode!


If I Were A Rich Bitch
La-da-dee-dee! La-da-dee-dee! La-da-dee-dee-dee-dee-dum!

If I were a rich bitch, indeed! If such were the case, I would have flown to the south of France at the beginning of this month to attend concert and champagne reception that a certain Moody Blue Meanie (who shall remain nameless) held in Monte Carlo for his fans, or should I say his rich fans...

I would have loved to have been there, but let's face it, my financial straits just would never permit such a thing. I'm afraid that feeding and clothing my children must take presidence over the lovely Moody Men, no matter how lovely they might be.

There are certain Moody Bitches out there who claim that they are not rich, that they scrimped and saved for two months to get the money to attend. (Two months was all of the notice given for this event) I find this laughable. Even if I were to scrimp and save for the amount of time mentioned, I still would only have just barely enough money for tourist class airfare to the event! Perhaps if no one in my family ate for those two months, I might have been able to scrounge up enough money for tickets, but I'd still have to spend my nights sleeping in a tent somewhere...
Moody Bitches need to learn what it is really like to be poor. Perhaps then, and only then, would they learn not to be such bitches.

It seems that since this event, a certain Moody Blue Meanie has felt a little bit of remorse. He states that "He will never forget those fans who were unable to be there." I find this to be of little consolation. Perhaps he has learned something from this event, though. Maybe the next time he wants to appreciate his fans, he will do something that is accessable to all of us, a free concert in Central Park, perhaps.

In closing, I would like to state that if certain Aryan type lovelies ever get it into their minds to do a thing such as this, I will forgo the eating and fly to Germany to personally throttle each and every one of them!

Do I make myself clear, guys?!

Is it my imagination, or do these three look like they might just enjoy such a thing?!?!
The throttling, that is...

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Daily Dirt!


1. How many pets do you have?

At the present time, I have three pets. That could change at any time, though. My customers are always talking me into giving homes to their unwanted puppies and kittens!

2. What are their names?




Princess P. P. for short. Full name, Princess Penelope the Pisser!
If you want to know the story behind that one, go ask The Music Whore.

3. What Type of pets do you have?
As you can see from the photos above, I have
Two cats

and one dog.

4. What pet is oldest?
Princess P. P. is the oldest. She is either eight or ten years old. I cannot remember whether she was three or five years old when I adopted her in 1999, so I am not certain of her exact age.

5. Whats the weirdest pet you own/owned?
That would have to be the injured box turtle that I found along the road while I was working..

She never fully recovered from her injuries, and died a few months after I brought her home.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Daily Dirt!

Yesterday's Dirt looked like so much fun, that I just have to do it!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

What would your method of killing be for the following people?

1. Avril Lavigne

I think that this Sk8ter chick deserves to be run over by a five hundred pound skater wannabe on a runaway skateboard!

2. George Bush
I DO hope you're referring to George W Bush. I am not certain that the elder Bush has done anything to merit killing, unless you count fathering a total jackass!
As for W, I'm not so sure that killing him would be a very good idea. The historians would probably use his death to turn the idiot into some sort of hero. We don't want that, do we? Let's just use our brains when we go to the polls and not re-elect him!

3. Britney Spears
The words "Hit me, baby, one more time" keep popping into my mind. Let's give the trashy little ho what she wants and beat her to a pulp!

4. Justin Timberlake
Let's just lock him in a room with a bunch of his silly little fan girls and let them maul him to death!

5. *insert someone you hate*
Decisions, decisions! Who shall I insert? I can't make up my mind, so I shall choose two, one male, one female!

* Jack Sproul*
I have a definite lust/hate relationship with this lazy bastard who seemingly comes to work to get paid for drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes all day! My fantasy method of offing him would be by doing this

with him until his heart gives out and he dies from the sheer pleasure of it!

* Gabi Meine *

The aliens shall land and take her away to be studied and (anally) probed. This shall prove to be more than the lady can handle, and the stress of the experiments shall cause her to expire. The aliens shall feel great remorse at this occurence and come to get me to offer to her sweet and sexy husband as a replacement...


It's Exchange Day!

Everbody knows what that means. Yes, it is that lovely day that happens approximately twice a month when my employer so nicely bestows upon me a certain sum of money. It is time to pay bills, and give anything that is left over to Wal Mart! Or, at least that is how it seems. I really should buy stock in that company. Hell, for all of the money that I spend there, they should GIVE it to me.

Today's Wal Mart excursion was rather odd for a couple of reasons. I spent nearly double what I normally do, but I chalk that off to the fact that both of my demon children were with me to aid in the spending. The really strange thing was that "the estranged one" volunteered to take us. Since my car has been in a rather nasty mood recently, I graciously accepted his offer, but I've still got to wonder why it was made. Could it be that his girlfriend was also planning a trip to Wal Mart tonight? This is, after all, where my sources have reported seeing them together. Perhaps he did not want us running into each other. This is the best I can figure, because he sure did high tail it out of here as soon as we got back. He didn't even stick around to help put it all away. I think that he may have even left without saying good-bye to the boys. Tee hee! Can't leave the girlfriend waiting...

Thursday, August 26, 2004

3x Thursday

Look Ma, I Did It Myself!

1. Are you very handy? Can you fix things by yourself? Is it out of need, or just because you're good at that type of thing?

That would depend upon what it was in need of fixing. I've replaced a few dead computer parts, and done some very minor automotive repairs, but as a rule I call upon other people to fix things for me. When necessity calls, I can often manage some sort of temporary patch job on many things.

2. Have you ever taken a vacation/trip by yourself? What was it? Did you have fun by yourself?
Nope, never! But if I ever get enough money saved for that trip to Germany, I plan to go alone.

3. How about cooking? Can you cook for yourself (or others) or are you Fast Food King/Queen?
I have been told that when I do cook, the food that I prepare is quite good. Unfortunately, I hate cooking. Actually, I hate cleaning up after cooking, so I tend to be more of a Fast Food Queen than a Gourmet Chef!

Bonus Question for Comments: Is there something you'd like to learn to do on your own that you have to ask for help with now? If so, what is it?I'd really like to learn to write my own css style sheets. I'm fairly good at editing existing ones to my liking, but when it comes to starting from scratch, I am completely lost!


Holy Shit!!!

I took a quiz to find out what my life would be rated if it were a movie:

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

I didn't realize that I was so bad...

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

Today, August 25th is Healthy Lifestyles Day! But!! (or should I say "butt"! lol) ...we're all crazy here, and so we're opting for the holiday of Thursday, August 26th which is: Toilet Paper Day!!! Yeah, much more our style here at BDInsanity!!

Toilet Paper Day is in observance of the invention of toilet paper in China, in the year 580! Here's the warm-up! Using the word T I S S U E, tell us what "crap" is annoying you today!!

oo many vowels, again!
I still haven't been to Kennywood this year!
Scorpions North American tour, no east coast shows!
Subs.I'm supposed to have one but I don't!
Ugly moody bitches who have the nerve to call me the same!
Email programs that do not let you directly edit the html source!

All set?? Let's move on to hump it up you cwazy loons! A little 'getting to know you' humpin' action!

1. If you were to nominate a celebrity (or their screen character) to the Presidency, who it would it be and why?

Sam Waterson as Jack McCoy

Jack McCoy for president, Yay! I like the way that the Law And Order assistant DA sticks to his principles. It's about time we got someone like him in office.

2. If your best talent were an Olympic event, what it would be? Instead of a gold medal, what would first prize be?
The Olympic wisecracking team. What a novel idea. The first prize would be the golden raspberries, of course!

3. If you had a warning light on your forehead what would it warn people of if it were flashing?
Warning! PMS in effect. May explode at any time. Approach with extreme caution.

4. You live in a cage...what are you? Do they ever let you out?
"Lust is in cages
Till storm breaks loose
Just have to make it
With someone I choose..."

Did you ever see the video for Rock You Like A Hurricane ? I wanna live in that cage, as myself, of course.

As long as I have these five hotties in there with me, I need never be let out!

Rock ME like a hurricane!

5. Scientists have discovered a way to bottle the essence of you. What does it smell like?
I often joke that were a doctor to analyze a sample of my blood in the morning, he would discover that it was, in fact, 100% pure coffee. This leads me to believe that essence of Lady Starlight would probably smell like freshly brewed coffee!

There it is, the Wednesday Mind Hump, brought to you by those loooonatic staffers here at BDI!
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I Got Excited For A Moment...

I got an email from the good old list of torture. The subject, North American tour dates. When I saw it I began bubbling over with excitement. At long last The Scorpions were coming to the U. S.

I could make up for that missed concert of the 2002 tour. The email did not list the dates. I quivered in anticipation as I clicked on the link to The Scorpions Official Website. Time seemed to move ever so slowly as I waited for the page to load with my painfully slow dial-up connection. Geez, Wolfgang, could you use ane more Flash?!

My excitement quickly ebbed as I scanned the North American tour dates. They were all on the west coast! The closest show to my location was in Chicago. Not much chance of me getting there. If I'm going to have to travel great distances to see them, I may as well save up my money and catch a show in Germany!

Why do they insist upon torturing me so?

Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday Music Mambo
Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

A big hello to all the Mamboers out their in Blogland!

Music is a part of most everyone's life. We hear it when we're at the mall, at restaurants and sometimes even in our place of work. That's the focus of this week's mambo. How music affects us and shapes our lives.

Yup, this mambo is going deep!

So to start out this week, we'll do a little "I say ____, You think ____." (Music style, of course)

James Kottak, The Scorpions' drummer, of course!

Station: Radio station

Concert: Anywhere but Pittsbugh, please!

MP3: Torment the record company execs. Share 'em with your friends!

CD: Oooo... Shiny!

Burn: "Come on, baby, light my fire..."

Seven: If I find my missing guitars, and buy one more, I will have seven!

Who: Roger Daltry, Pete Townsend, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon

London: "London Bridge is falling down..."

Vinyl: Vinyl albums were so much more fun than CDs...

OK, so are you ready to really Mambo? OK then, let's get dancing.

1. What is your definition of music? (What it means to you, etc)
Music is a part of me that I can't deny. It can bring a smile to my face when I need one. It can comfort me in times of sorrow or calm me when I am angry. I can worship through music or just have fun with it! If I am feeling creative, I can "make my own kind of music." Without music, there would be a huge hole in my life that nothing else could fill.

2. What do you say about music? (Do you talk about bands and songs or do you gossip about the artists...that sort of thing)
I could go on about The Scorpions forever, but I choose not to. My experience with the Moody Bitches has taught me to avoid other fans of the bands that I like. I discuss music only with those closest to me. To do anything else would only be annoying to me or them.

Ooooo... but I do love these guys!

3. Here's a quote by Arnold Bennett about music, "Its language is a language which the soul alone understands, but which the soul can never translate." Tell us what your thoughts on that quote.
It is true that music touches our hearts in ways that mere words never can. How and why this is I cannot explain.

*Note To Mambo Author*
No more of these deep mamboes, puh-lease! My brain hurts!


Again, our topic is 'potpourri.' Thank you to all participants who contributed questions!! The following are the final selection from our fellow Monday Madness players.......Have fun!

1. Which is more fun, kid's toys or grown-up kid's toys? (ie. Lego's vs. power tools)

I always enjoyed playing with my kids' toys. The ones that they make now are so much more fun than most of the ones they made when I was a kid.
Tee hee! Grown-up toys can be fun, too!
Sex toys!

2. What's your favorite food and why? Which food is your number one weakness?
I would be hard pressed to select a single favorite food. I love Asian and Italian cuisine equally. I have major weaknesses in both categories as well! If I find liguine in white clam sauce on the menu at an Italian restaurant, I am overjoyed. When I'm having Asian, egg foo yung is my favorite choice.
Why do I like these foods so much? I really can't say. I just do!

3. How many blogs/journals/diaries would you say you read?
Too many! I do a lot of memes, and I like to check eveyone's answers. Couple that with the blogs of my friends and family and that's a hell of a lot of blogs!

4. Do you feel you have an obligation to spread your religious belief system to others, or do you think religion is a private matter that everyone needs to decide for themselves?
A person's religious beliefs are a something that should bring peace to his or her heart. What works for me may not work for someone else. I do not have an inside track to God. Who am I to say what someone else should believe?

5. Did you keep a paper journal before blogging?
I remember keeping a locked diary when I was in high school. I got in trouble a couple of times after my mom read it. The locks that they put on those things were worthless. After that, I kept my journal in a notebook labeled "Math", because nobody would think to look there.
Ain't it funny? Now I keep my journal on the web, where anyone in the world can read it!

6. Describe your life in 3 words.
Mundane Musical Mess!

7. What was the last thing you were wrong about?
I am never wrong. I thought that I was wrong once, but I was mistaken!

8. What one thing would you do to help the world be a better place for all?
Vote "Not Bush" in 2004!

9. Are you a dog person or a cat person?
I am a cat and dog person. I love them both, and could never choose between them!

10. If you could start your own meme (And you can!), what kind of questions would you ask?
I think that I would rather do a writing meme, so I wouldn't be asking questions. Perhaps I'd do something with a fan fiction theme...

Sunday, August 22, 2004

It's Been A While...

Yes, it had been by far too long since the last time that I saw Van Helsing. The situation was quickly rectified when it was discovered to be playing at the Maxi Saver Cinema. At a buck fifty a showing, I could've sat in that theater and watched it all day. I can't think of many things more enjoyable than sitting around looking at a guy who looks like Dracula all day!

Alas, we only stayed for one showing. Hunger insisted that we get something a bit more substansial than popcorn to eat. There is a Quiznos behind the theater. I had never been there before and we had coupons, so it was there that we ate. It was there that we also made an interesting discovery...

Rather strange male Moody Blues fans are not the only ones who harbor the twins fantasy! Tee hee! My sister and I were hit on by a middle aged, hippie lesbian! Krikees, lady! Live like you want to live. We've got no objections to your choice of lifestyle, but sorry, we're not interested. Lady Starlight and The Music Whore like men. We like men a lot!

Oh, well, at least it was good to know that we're attractive to someone...

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Saturday Slant

Layover Luck

Instead of boarding your connecting flight in a never before visited airport, the airline announces that the flight has been cancelled. You will, however, have a seat on the next flight to that destination--tomorrow. To help make up for the inconvenience, the airline has given you a hotel room for the night and $100 USD. You have 24-hours to yourself in a new city. Where are you? What do you do?

It has been my experience that the most convenient trans-Atlantic flights have layovers in New York City, at least if your departure is from Pittsburgh. It would stand to reason, then, that the city I would be stuck in would be New York. I have been there before, but it has been twenty - four years, so I don't think that should count! The hundred bucks that was so nicely given to me by the airline would be used to buy a seat at a Broadway show, something like Avenue Q would be nice. Any money left over from the ticket purchase would be spent buying myself dinner at one of the city's fine restaurants!

What I Did During A Real Seven Hour Layover

The year was 1980. It was the Saturday after Easter. I was returning from Spain with a group of other students from my school. We arrived at JFK at 3:30 PM. Our flight into Pittsburgh did not board until 10:30 PM. I had seven hours to kill, and I was unfortunately not too friendly with any of the other students in my tour group. Time to explore the airport!
After walking around for a bit carrying my carry-on bag and recently purchased classical guitar, I started to feel a bit weary. I saw a snack bar that looked rather inviting. I scrounged through my purse to find enough money to buy myself a coke. Whilst scrounging, I also discovered that there were still a few cigarettes left in the pack in my purse. I decided that I would have one of those as well (You were still allowed to smoke in airports back in those days). Alas, my lighter was nowhere to be found. I scanned the snack bar, looking for some smokers who might be able to help me with my little problem. I quickly discovered such a couple with a vacant seat beside them. I sat down in the seat with my coke. The two people were involved in a conversation. ARGH! It was not in English! Think fast! I pointed to the lighter on the table and made a sort of flicking gesture with my hand. The man looked at me with a big smile. "You want to use my lighter," he said. Feeling silly, I said, "yes, You speak English?!" We had a good laugh, and spent the next several hours sitting at that table talking. We were heading in opposite directions. I was returning home to Pittsburgh, they were heading back home to Germany (of all places)! I don't remember much of what we discussed during all of that time, but I do remember that these two people were a final highlight to my much enjoyed trip. I shall never forget the time I spent at that snack bar with those two.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Meine Phantasie!

Yes, I'm being snitty and pretentious, as Michael would say. Titling my posts in German. Harumph! It's fairly easy to translate, I would think...

Anyway, I was over at Andrea's Blog when I saw this little tidbit. The idea came from a Live Journal group called Vintage Meat. The gist of it was,

List all of the men over the age of forty, living or dead, who you would like to do the wild thing with.

Now ever since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of having my own private harem of men. The members of my harem have changed a lot over the years, but I've always held on to the fantasy. Since I'm a bit vintage myself at 42, most of my harem members fall into the vintage category as well.

OK, I know you're dying to see it so here you go...

My Concubines:

Matthias Jabs
Klaus Meine
Ralph Rieckermann
Rudolf Schenker
John Lodge
Justin (The Rat Bastard) Hayward
Phil Collen
Joe Elliot
Joe Montana
David Wenham
Richard Roxburgh
Dennis Quaid
Bill Clinton (The former president is a hottie!)
William Shatner (My oldest living concubine)
Harrison Ford
Paul OBrien (A former boss of mine)
Neil Young (Really, he cleans up quite nicely)
Clint Black
Peter Cetera
Christopher Walken
Johnny Depp

And a few who are no longer with us...

George Harrison
Robert Palmer
The Red Baron (Rich, titled, and drop dead gorgeous! Every girl's fantasy)

There are also two non vintage men on my list:

Pawel Maciwoda (Gotta love a guy who likes aliens!)
Drake Bell (I think he could get me arrested!)

So there you have it. That list would surely keep me busy and happy for a good long time!

What?! You want pictures...

Matthis Jabs, my #1 concubine!

Dennis Quaid!

Christopher Walken, creepy but sexy!

William Shatner as Captain James T Kirk.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

3x Thursday

Posted on Saturday morning due to power outages and internet failures...

Precious Moments

1. Ah, love can be a beautiful thing. And a horrible thing. Can you remember a specific time that you fell for someone? What was it like? Do you remember the circumstances? Details, details!

I think that I shall tell the tale of my beginnings with "the estranged one", for it is quite a sweet and romantic tale. Yes, I did love him, once upon a time. It's such a shame that the whole thing went sour.

It was New Year's Eve 1983. I was at a party at the local Vets Club with my current boyfriend, who was dancing with every chick at the club except me. I was not happy. Then I saw him. He was sitting at the bar talking with some friends. Tall, thin, longish hair and wearing a brown leather blazer, Oooo.. I was in love! I spent the rest of the night trying to muster up the courage to go over and talk to him. I never did. I left the party with my current boyfriend, feeling sad that I would never see that guy again.

About two weeks later, a friend of mine who had been living out of state for a while came home for a visit. She wasn't going to be home for very long, so when she said that she was going to bingo with her mom, I decided to go with them. Imagine my surprise when I got there and discovered my mystery man working there! I think that I spent more time that night staring at him than I did talking to my friend or playing bingo. I still didn't have the courage to talk to him, so I decided to go back the next week. By then all of the ladies there had figured out that I had a crush on this guy and teased me mercilessly about it. To shut them up, I told them that if he gave me a winning card I would give him a big kiss after bingo. Needless to say, I won that night, for the first time ever at that particular bingo. The ladies there weren't going to let me out of the hall until I did what I said either! Not wanting to disappoint the old ladies who probably needed a bit of excitement in their lives, I approached him, explained the situation, and gave him that big kiss!

This behavior continued for two more weeks, including at least one "I didn't win but here's your kiss anyway", before he finally asked me out.

And thus my fate was sealed...

2. Can you think of a kidhood memory that sticks out? Or any memory at all that meant something to you? What was it?
How about the time that my Uncle Ray broke my sliding board?! At 6'2" and well over 200 pounds, did he really think my kiddie swing set would withstand him? Oh, well, I guess he did! I have long since forgiven him for that. He was just a big kid at heart, wanting only to have some fun. Damn, I miss him. He annoyed the hell out of me when I was little, but as I got older I realized that his merciless teasing was his way of saying "I love you." Once that was taken into account, I was always able to laugh right along with him.

3. Do you remember your first house? What was it like? How long did you live there for?
Ah, the old duplex on Eighth Street. It's still there. I really should take a picture sometime. We lived there from the time I was born until about a month before my sixth birthday, when my parents bought the house where they still live today.


Daily Dirt!

Today's dirt is about one of my favorite things.


1. What is your favorite kind of candy?

I chocolate! It doesn't matter whether it's a Kit Kat bar, M & Ms, Raisinettes, or gourmet chocolates. I love them all!

2. If you were a Jolly Rancher, what flavor would you be? WHY?
Passion Fruit! I like to think that I'm a passionate kind of person!

3. Are you big on gum?
Gum makes absolutely no sense to me. You chew and chew, but you never get to swallow it. What's the point?

4. Is there one candy you can't stand?
White chocolate! What an imposter! It is not chocolate at all...

5. Do you like the classic candy better, or the recent kinds?
I like a lot of new candies, but nothing beats the old classics which have withstood the test of time. It's a shame that they don't make some of the old classics anymore. I really miss Clark bars...

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A Thought For Today

Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to!!


Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

Greetings Humpers and Humpettes!

We are smack in the middle of National Friendship Week which occurs annually during the third week of August. What better way to warm up for the Mind Hump than by bragging on our friends -- after all, we are all about sharing the love. Using the letters F-R-I-E-N-D list six qualities that your best friend possesses.

amily. I don't get out much. My sister is my best friend.
Really, people, she reads this. I don't wanna do this!
I hate these "use the letters in this word to tell us" things!
Every one of them has too many vowels!
No, I'm not telling you about my sister.
Don't want to get in trouble for saying something she doesn't like!

This week let's have some fun with free association or "I say ___, you think ___." Using the following words respond with your first thought. You can respond with one word, a sentence, or just babble like crazy! Ready? Do the Humpty Hump!

1. protection
- Condoms. Those AIDS awareness public service announcements are starting to get on my nerves!

2. twist - Chubby Checker. "Come on, baby. Let's do the twist!"

3. furry - Awwww! What a cute little bunny!

4. buck - OK, so it's a moose. That's close enough...

5. purple - A one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater!

6. wave - "Oh, say, does that star spangled banner still wave..."

7. flash - Flash Gordon. Argh! My mind is being invaded by cartoon superheroes!

8. pokey - My great-uncle's nickname.

9. neon - "They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway!"

10. elastic - Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

11. chips - Must get some...

12. float - Root beer float. Mmmmm...

And there you have it, the Wednesday Mind Hump fresh from those cheeky buggahs here at Blogdrive Insanity!