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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Sarurday Slant

A week behind schedule, as usual!

My favorite 80s culture moment is...

Was it the debut of MTV? Is your favorite moment patriotic pride in Mary Lou Retton's 1984 Olympic gold medal win? Was it Samantha Fox's ass-less leather pants? Was it David Lee Roth's ass-less leather pants? Does "Sixteen Candles" qualify as your favorite Eighties moment? Or was it that special someone with whom you saw "Dirty Dancing"? We know you were there. Spill it!

Born in the early 1960's, I was a child of the cold war. The mentality of that era had a very stong grip on me. I had a very vivid mental image of an "iron curtain" which hung somewhere in Europe, separating the good countries (the free world) from the bad (*gasp* communists). So strong was this idea ingrained upon my mind that I cringed in terror when one of the nuns teaching at our church school informed my class that the way of life practiced in convents was in fact communism in it's truest form. I can also quite clearly remember the question that I asked when my uncle was moved from his military post in Vietnam to one in Munich. "Is that in Good Germany or Bad Germany, mommy?" Our teacher constantly told us tales of the horrors of being an ordinary person in places such as Berlin, a city divided by a wall (separating the good from the bad, of course).

As I grew older, I grew to realize the foolishness of this mindset, but the vestiges of it that remained could still be seen clearly in the world around me. Bad guys always have Russian accents,don't they?
So, it stands to reason that I was greatly moved by the destruction of the Berlin Wall. I can remember literally feeling a chill when I heard the news. It was the be the beginning of the end of an era. Gone would be the suspicious hatefullness between nations that was so prevalent during the cold war, or so I hoped. There would be friendship between nations that had been at odds for so long. It was a truly moving experience.
Alas, we did not learn. We just found new faces to put on a different enemy. Hatred and suspicion live on. Will we never learn?

Friday, July 30, 2004

Quite Frankly, I'm Baffled...

We all know that I am a member of the List Of Torture, more commonly referred to as The Scorpions Newsletter, but some things have happened recently which have left me a bit puzzled. I was quite used to the little glitches in the mailing system that sent me multiple copies of the same email. I had even grown to expect it. But my last duplicate (at least I think it was some sort of duplicate) email left me decidedly baffled. It read as follows...

Hallo liebe Scorpions Fans,

für diejenigen unter euch die dort hinfahren wolltet:
das Konzert in Portugal am 18. Juli wurde vom Veranstalter abgesagt.

Übrigens haben wir neue Bilder aus Halberstadt und Mainz in der Galerie.

To this I say, "Huh?!" When was my name added to the German mailing list? I don't speak very damned much German, I thought I was quite clear about that matter!
To make matters more interesting, this email arrived before its English counterpart, leaving me to decipher what it said. As closely as I could figure , it said that a concert in Portugal had been cancelled and that as a consolation, new photos from concerts in Halberstadt and Mainz had been added to the site. Upon the arrival of the English email, I discovered that my rough translation was fairly accurate. Damn, I'm good.

But the question remains, Why did I get the German email in the first place?
Could it be that my dear Wolfgang has happened upon this blog and heard my plea for someone to teach me to speak German? I have had the occasional visitor from Germany, but I had always assumed that they had drifted here from my guestbook entry at Word-of-Smilies.de. Could I possibly be mistaken?

If this is the case, Wolfgang, my darling, I do seriously hope that you will kindly accept my offer to tutor you in the English language, because, quite frankly, your English grammar is atrocious! Since you have been so kind as to help me with my German, I will even lower my fee for you. I will ask only for an introduction to this man.

I promise not to do anything to him that he won't enjoy...

Thursday, July 29, 2004

3x Thursday

Fights and misunderstandings...

1. You're in a relationship, or you've been in one before. You get into a fight or misunderstanding with your significant other...does fighting help?

That would depend on what is meant by help. Fighting does most certainly help me feel better. It certainly beats the hell out of holding my feelings in. But very few problems ever got solved by fighting, so in that respect it is very little if any help at all.

2. Do you fight fair? Does/did your partner? Or is/was it a big game of 'he said, she said'?
Hell no! I don't fight fair, I fight to win! Unfortunately the insignificant other uses the same method. But I do have limits to what I will do. I try to avoid using my children as weapons. I wish I could say the same for him.

3. Did you ever have a disagreement so bad, you thought 'this is it' for the relationship? What happened?
Many times. My relationship with the estranged one has always been an on again off again kind of thing. We've tried again more times than I can count. The result is always the same, we can't bear to live with each other. It's the "children as weapons" thing that prevents me from filing for divorce. I just don't want to deal with the ugly custody battle that he has promised to put up should I do so.

Bonus Question for Comments: When you've been fighting with a loved one, how do you make up (No, it doesn't have to be someone you're involved with)?
Sometimes it is necessary to apologize, even if you don't believe you have done anything wrong. If it has been a particularly bad fight, a little gift doesn't hurt either.


Some Times These Tests Are Just Scary!

I was just wandering about the web with nothing better to do when I happened upon this test. Curious to see what my results would be, I decided to take it. I wanted the most accurate result, so I selected the option with the most questions. Read what it says about me. It's uncannily accurate if not more than a little bit scary!

What Famous Leader Are You?
Personality tests by similarminds.com


Theater Thursday

My Life

This week the topic is YOU.

1. If there was a movie to be made about your life, what actor/actress would portray you?

A movie about my life, how boring! If it were made the audience would end up looking something like this...

Perhaps if they did it about my fantasies rather than reality, somewhat like The Many Lives Of Walter Mitty , it might keep them awake.
In any case, I think that the person to play me should be Demi Moore.She would be familiar with at least some of the material, since we went to school together for a year when we were in junior high. If anybody is wondering, her real name is Demetria Gwymes.

2. What actor/actress would portray your love interest? Your best friend?
Since I've already decided that this movie is going to be about fantasies rather than reality, I want myself to be surrounded by good looking men. Bring on Richard Roxburgh, David Wenham, Johnny Depp...
My best friend can be played by Glenn Close just because I think she's a great actress.

3. What would be the title of your film?
Confessions Of A Middle Aged Drama Queen

Bonus~ What moment of your life would be the highlight of this film?
This is fantasy, remember... I guess I'd want the highlight of the film to be my marriage to one of the aforementioned handsome men. I haven't decided which one...

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

Yippee! It's Hump Day! Let's skip the fries and party our buns off in celebration of Hamburger Day commemorating the creation of the hamburger in 1900 by Louis Lassing.

Loonies and Loonettes -- start your engines and let's warm-up for the hump. For this warm-up, put your humility away and using the letters H-A-M-B-U-R-G-E-R reveal to us nine wonderful things about you.

elps people who are lost
Always cracking jokes
Mom to two wonderful sons
Bakes yummy cookies when inclined to do so
Under no circumstance will she intentionally harm an animal
Really loves to play 12 string guitars
Easily amused
Reads instructions before attempting new tasks

This week let's do a getting-to-know-you-hump mixed with some cwaziness to make it a fun hump too. Ready? Hump it!

1. You have opened a fast food joint that features YOUR favorite food prepared in many different forms. What would the name of your joint be? List several things that would be on the menu.

My restaurant will be called "Carnival Of Carbs -The Most Atkins Unfriendly Place On The Planet."
The lunch menu will feature all sorts of hot and cold sandwiches made with different varieties of thick crusty bread. All sandwiches will be accompanied by a generous side dish of potatoes prepared however you like them.
The dinner menu will include plenty of pasta choices, with an international flair, spaghetti, lo mein, haluski, etc...
We will, of course, offer a full line of cakes, pies, cookies and pastries for dessert!
Gotta love those carbs!

2. You are holding a public auction for all your belongings ... what is the oddest or silliest item that would be on the auction block?
That would be a toss up between my collection of NeoPets plushies and a framed picture of the animé character, Treize Khushrenada.

3. If you could buy "instant anything" what would it produce when you just add water?

Mmmmm... Instant Matthias Jabs!

4. If it were possible to miniaturize any sort of environment and keep it in an aquarium-like enclosure, what type of environment would it be and what sort of creatures would you keep in it?
That sounds incredibly cruel! I would never do such a thing.

5. If you were offered a "Get Out of Jail Free" type of card today (i.e. magically fix something, get out of doing something, etc...) what would the card be for?
It would remove that stupid Lovegate virus from my desktop computer. So far, nothing that I've tried has worked. The card may just be my only hope...

Ahhh - that's the Hump for today! It was good for us ... was it good for you? ;)

From the "few-bubbles-short-of-a-bubble-bath" staff of BDI ... PEACE and humptiness forevah!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Daily Dirt!

Today's dirt provides me with an opportunity to do some extensive ranting! Please forgive me if you find what I have to say offensive. These are only my opinions, after all...

Sticky Topic Alert: Religion

1. What basic religion are you?

I am a Christian, although at many times I am ashamed to admit it, not because I am ashamed of my faith, but rather because I am ashamed of the actions of so many people who call themselves Christians.
The teachings of Christ are about the love of God and our fellow human beings. They are not about hatred and condemnation! I see far to much of this in the Christian community. A prime example of this is the way that many so-called Christians react to homosexuals. They cry out that these people are sinners, and even go so far as to want these people not to have the same rights as those in hetrosexual community. How, I ask myself, are these actions faithful to the teachings of Christ? Even if one believes that homosexuality is a sin (which I do not), does not our lord teach us to love and forgive the sinner? Are we not all imperfect by nature, and therefore sinners ourselves? Why not allow these people to live their lives in the manner that they choose and leave the judgement to God!

~End of Rant #1~

2. What denomination/sect/etc are you?
I am a baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic. I do not agree with many of the teachings of the church (birth control, divorce, priestly celibacy, etc), but it is the church that I grew up in and it is where I feel the most comfortable.

3. How do you feel about evolution?
Like it or not, evolution is fact. Homo Sapiens evolved in the same way as all of the other creatures on the planet. This also is not an un-Christian attitude, if one considers the following:

1. The Bible is not a history book. It was written as a guide to faith in writing styles which are no longer well understood.

2. God did not toss the Bible from the sky as a book written in beautiful, flowing, Elizabethan English. It was written by human beings, and therefore subject to the limits of their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

3. The books of the Bible were written in many different languages which are no longer spoken. Errors in the translation are to be expected.

4. Since Jesus commonly taught using parables, it should be obvious that many of the stories of the Old Testament are parables as well, creation being one of them.

5. The books of the Bible were written to address the questions and concerns of the people living at the time they were written. Many issues that we have today were non-existant at the time of their writing, which brings about my final point...

6. The Bible was not allowed to grow as our knowledge and understanding of the world around us changed. The most recent books of the Bible were written over 1600 years ago. To view the Bible as a literal, final, and unerring basis of faith limits us to the viewpoints of ancient men!

Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-Bible. I just happen to believe that we need to take a different approach to looking at its words to fully appreciate the beauty of the teachings contained within it.

~End of Rant #2~

4. What do you think of Wicca & Wiccans?
There is truth and beauty contained within all of the world's religions. Each person must come to her own understanding of the powers in this world which are greater than herself. Any hatred or fear which is felt by us towards faiths other than our own is caused by lack of understanding. With understanding comes tolerance...

Lady Starlight supports religious tolerance!

~End of Rant #3~

5. Do you like Greek/Roman/Norse or Native American mythology better?
All of them contain much insight into the culture from which they originated and are very fascinating, but being an American, I am most intrigued by the beliefs of those people who occupied this land long before my ancestors settled here.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Here is the beginning of each of the following questions.....

'If you had your choice between this and that, what would you choose?'

1. Skipping or Running?

Skipping, because it is so much more fun!

2. Coke or Pepsi?
I'll pass on the extra calories (I really don't need 'em!), and take a Diet Coke.

3. Rock or Hip Hop
No question about it, rock! I don't much care for hip hop.

4. Laptop or Desktop?
I love my laptop! It follows me nearly everywhere I go...

5. Cold Weather or Hot Weather?
Hot weather, because...
"Nobody's mailbox ever got knocked over by the sunshine plow!"
~Bonnie Howell~

6. Swimming or Bicycling?
Swimming, because I have a bathing suit, but not a bicycle!

7. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Everything tastes better when covered in chocolate...

8. Day or Night?
I am a night owl!

9. Looks or Brains?
Brains are forever (unless you get Alzheimer's), but looks fade away...
But, if a magical genie promised me good looks that would last forever, I'd take them!

10. Cable, DSL, or Dial-Up?
Cable is fast, but too damned expensive.
Dial-up is cheap, but oh so slow.
DSL is somewhere in between these two and makes an excellent compromise.
I really should get myself a DSL connection...

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Monday Music Mambo
Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

Well, Monday is upon us again, Guys and Dolls. Do you know what that means? If you guessed, "Time For Another Mambo," you're absolutely correct!

Let the Mambo Gal dance her bootay off!

So lets get ourselves warmed up and dance, shall we, with a little "I say...You think..."

Rolling Stone
Photo: Photograph - Def Leppard
Concert: Tour
Video: MTV, I remember when they used to be played there...
Pass: Backstage Pass
Ticket: Ticket Stubs, I save 'em forever!
Line: A Chorus Line
Excitement: What I will feel if the Unbreakable tour should happen to come to the US!

Are you warmed up yet? That's good, cos the Mambo Gal is getting impatient. She wants to get her mambo going on. So let's get started.

1. If you had backstages passes to the show of your chosing, who would it be, and what would you do once you were backstage? (Try to be clean.)

The band would be The Scorpions, of course!
Once backstage, I would make a beeline for this man...

I would really like to talk with him for a bit, get to know him, since everything that I know about him seems to show that we are two quite like-minded individuals. Perhaps we could play a couple of songs together, just for fun. After that, well, you want me to keep this clean, so I really can't say any more. I'll just let these smilies say it for me...

2. What entertainment magazines do you read?
I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and Guitar Player , but the latter is more about getting music than it is about entertainment.

3. Do you read concert/album reviews in your local newspaper? And if so, do you let the review sway your opinion on the band/album?
I very seldom read them. I don't take much stock in what those pompous a-holes who call themselves critics have to say.

4. Create your dream concert lineup. (a sort of Lollapalooza event of your making)
This event is gonna have one really odd line up!
Playing at Starlight Fest , will be...

Def Leppard
The Moody Blues
Gorky Park (I'm going to Russia to bring 'em out of hiding!)
Elton John
Neil Young

and my headliner...

The Scorpions!

5. If you could have attended any festival show at any time...From Woodstock on...which one would it have been, and why?
I would have liked to have seen one of the Oz Fest shows the year that The Scorpions were a part of it. Do I really have to explain why?


It's Time For Sunday Brunch!

Goin' On Vacation

1. What is your favorite mode of transportation when traveling?

The best way to travel long distances from home is flying.

It gets me where I'm going fast, without getting lost en route. Once I reach my destination, I prefer to have a rental car. It gives me more freedom than using public transportation.

2. If you had the means to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would really like to see The Scorpions plaing a show in their homeland, Germany, especially since the Unbreakable tour does not appear to be coming to the US!

3. Have you ever been to another country?
I have been to Canada several times.

Most of the times that I was there, I was at Niagra Falls, but once I went to Toronto for a bowling tournament!
I also have been on a vacation to Spain, which included a one day stay in Morocco.

4. If time were not an issue, how long would could you stand to be away from home?
That would depend on who was with me on the trip. If the people I care about most were with me, I could stay away indefinitely.

5. What trip that you've taken was the most fun or interesting?
The trip to Spain was probably one of the best I've ever taken, but this year's jaunt to Atlantic City was a very close second.
The Tropicana is adding all sorts of new stuff in September.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Some People Truly Deserve These Things!

I know that this sounds cruel, but when a person knows how to do nothing more than invade the personal webspace of others for the sole purpose of harassment, she needs to be stopped. What better way to stop her than to fill her computer with all sorts of nasty viruses?!

Now, I am certain that you all know by now that I am referring to that demented loon whom I affectionately call the Moody Bitch. The lady is seriously lacking in computer savvy. She continues to visit my blog and that of my sister, leaving behind a trail of IP addresses. Does she not know that in the hands of a hacker, these IP addresses can be used to send her all sorts of unwanted "presents"? Does she think that I will put up with her immature crap forever? Could anyone possibly be so deluded?! I guess so...

So, in order to to burst her little bubble of delusion, I am making the following declaration to any wanna-be hackers out there (Lady Starlight, unfortunately, lacks the skills to do any hacking herself)

It's Open Season On Moody Bitches!

And just to help you along, here is her IP address:

Have fun with it!

By the way, Moody Bitch, I never claimed to be thin. But you see, I happen to like myself just the way I am. I don't need to go around insulting people to make myself feel better about who I am. I'm a bit more mature than that. Besides, I'm a slut, you said so yourself, so I guess the men like this little piggie!



I Took The 20 Questions To A Better Personality Test

Here are my results. How accurate!

Wackiness: 44/100
Rationality: 32/100
Constructiveness: 50/100
Leadership: 46/100

You are an SEDF--Sober Emotional Destructive Follower. This makes you an evil genius. You are extremely focused and difficult to distract from your tasks. With luck, you have learned to channel your energies into improving your intellect, rather than destroying the weak and unsuspecting.

Your friends may find you remote and a hard nut to crack. Few of your peers know you very well--even those you have known a long time--because you have expert control of the face you put forth to the world. You prefer to observe, calculate, discern and decide. Your decisions are final, and your desire to be right is impenetrable.

You are not to be messed with. You may explode.

Now, aren't you all afraid of me?!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Daily Dirt

Naming game...

1. Do you like your name? Why or why not?

Deborah, YUCK! I hate it. My mother was so not creative.There are just too damned many women my age with that name. I would have preferred something a bit more unique.
At least it means something interesting...

Queen bee!

2. If you could change the spelling of your name, would you? And what might you change it to?
Most people call me Debby, which as you can see, I spell a bit differently than most. It's starting to catch on a bit more with others now. I'm thinking of changing it again, to Debi!

3. If you could change your whole name, what would you change it to?
Tee hee! If I were married to Matthias Jabs, people could call me "DJ"!

4. What girls' name do you like?
If either of my children had been a girl, her name would have been Charlotte. Not only do I think that this is a beautiful name, it was also the name of a beloved cousin of mine who was senselessly murdered when I was but a child.

5. What boys' name do you like?
My sons are named Raymond and Michael, so I suppose that I like those names. I had wanted to name my youngest son either Matthew or Matthias (this was before the Scorpions obsession), but the estranged one liked neither.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

3x Thursday

My Least Favorite...

1. What's your least favorite trait in a person? Why?

Two very closely related traits vie for this title, stupidity and ignorance (No, they are not the same!) The reason that these traits claim the title is because almost all other undesirable traits stem from them in some way.

2. What is your least favorite kind of music? Explain your reason.
I like most all types of music, from heavy metal to country to Broadway show tunes, but I find that rap music has very few redeeming qualities. I think that it is quite a stretch to even call it music. It is talking to a semi-musical background, and in most rap songs what is being said isn't very... well... nice.

3. What is your least favorite house chore? Are you able to somehow get out of it? If not, do you do it anyway?
Since I am so short, I hate washing walls and ceilings. To do such a thing properly would require me to use a ladder. I am not fond of ladders! I am occasionally able to bribe someone into doing it for me, but usually I just have dirty walls and ceilings.

Bonus Question for Comments: What do you think is your worst trait/bad habit/etc? Have you done anything to change it? Why/Why not?
I do believe that it is one of the seven deadly sins, envy! I realize that no good can come from jealousy, but I often find myself consumed by the "green eyed monster."
I am getting a bit better at controlling it. I no longer want Gabi Meine to die. I just want her to be abducted by aliens!


Guess-A-Hump Answer
From the BDI Wednesday Mind Hump

Yes, you were all correct. My hump is in fact one of my offspring, to be specific, my oldest son, Raymond.

Here he is...


Theater Thursday


This week's Theater Thursday is dedicated to those Onscreen Moments that stay with you forever.

1. What moment from what movie still makes you laugh out loud - no matter how many times you see it?

Just about any scene from this movie will leave me in stitches.

This has to be one of the funniest movies ever made.

2. What moment from what movie still makes you cry like a baby - no matter how many times you see it?
I'm not one to cry like a baby over any movie, but there are certain scenes which will always bring a tear to my eye. Most memorable is the scene near the end of Return Of The Jedi where Darth Vader kills the emperor to save Luke. It just goes to prove one thing. Blood really is thicker than water!

3. What moment from what movie made you actually turn your head from the screen - either in fear, revulsion, or contempt for the fact that you actually paid money to see the film?
On occasion, my ever-so-insignificant other comes around to take advantage of the fact that my satellite television subscription includes HBO and Cinemax. Just about any movie that he chooses to watch is enough to make me turn my head in disgust.

BONUS~ What is one single moment from a film that is indelibly etched in your brain? Not a scene or a sequence exactly, but three or four seconds from a movie that contain an image or phrase or concept that transcends normal movies?
At the end of The Secret Window , Johnny Depp takes another ear of corn from the steaming pot...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I may never look at corn the same way again!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

This Wednesday is Moon Day!

HEY! Pull your pants back up!!! Not that kind of moon!!!

July 20th marks the anniversary of the first lunar landing in 1969. Did you know that the word "lunacy" is derived from the word lunar because it was once believed that people would be intermittently insane due to the phases of the moon. Soooooo....
as a warm-up, using the letters L-U-N-A-C-Y reveal six peculiar activities or rituals you do only at night -- something that other people might consider somewhat looney or at the very least, a little odd.

ikes to watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.
Under a blanket while sleeping, even on the hottest days!
Needs an extra pillow to hug.
Always leaves the TV on!
Calls the extra pillow "Matthias!"
Yes, I do my laundry late at night!

Okie dokie smokie -- now that we're warmed up we're going to have a little fun with free association aka "I say ____, you think ___". Ready? Set? C'mon -- let's hump like crazy!

1. diamonds
- Diamonds in the rough
2. night - Night Moves by Bob Seger
3. wrestle - Wrestle Mania... How many of those things are the going to do?!
4. blaze - Blaze of glory
5. candlestick - Candlestick Park. I know it's a baseball field but I can't remember where it is!
6. child - What Child Is This , one of my favorite Christmas carols
7. tiptoe - Tiptoe Through The Tulips by Tiny Tim
8. homemade - Homemade ravioli are what the guys at work are always pestering Mary Beth to bring!
9. zoom - A show that I watched on PBS when I was a kid
10. joint -
11. polka - Polka dots
12. rhythm - Rhythm Of Love by The Scorpions

Back by popular demand: The Guess-A-Hump!!

Think of an item ... any item...

...don't tell us what the item is. Now, describe that item in a brief paragraph (the size, the color, etc) but don't give it away. Okay, now you're ready to hump it up! Replace the name of the item with the word "hump". Other players will come to your blog and try to guess what your hump is. Tomorrow morning, add the answer to your hump and for big fun add a picture.

My hump is quite large. It weighs about 160 pounds. I've had my hump for more than eighteen years, but it was not nearly so big when I first got it. My hump does many things that annoy me, but I still love my hump. My hump helps me when I have computer problems...

Answer: ???

Leave your guesses in my comments.
The answer will be posted sometime tomorrow afternoon.

There it is, the incredible Wednesday Mind Hump, brought to you by those "one-sandwich-short-of-a-picnic" wenches over at BLOGDRIVE INSANITY!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Today Is A Special Day For My Favorite Moody Man!

Yes, the loveley Mr. John Lodge was born on this day in 1945, making today his fifty-nineth birthday.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish him a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns!
I hope he doesn't mind that my sister and I gave him his present a bit early...

Tee Hee! Those are our bras lying there on the stage!
We Love you, Lodgey!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Let's talk about YOU again!

1. Do you prefer to be out in the sun or in the shade?

To quote John Denver, "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy..."

2. Regarding the walls in your house, do you prefer neutral colors or bright colors?
I prefer pastel colors for my walls. They do not necessarily have to be neutral. Bright colors are just a bit too overwhelming for my tastes.

3. When hanging pictures on your walls, do you like things symmetric or asymmetric?
Huh? When hanging picture on my walls, the only thing I consider is "Will this cover that huge crack in the paint?"

4. How about where you'd like to live; country or city?
Every year at Christmastime, one of my customers offers to give me this horse.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If I had a nice little house in the country, I would probably take him up on his offer!

5. Your blog; Blogger, Blogdrive, Blog-City, or another one altogether?
This blog is on blogger, but I also have another on Diaryland that I seldom update anymore.

6. Email; Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or other?
I have several email accounts, but I use Yahoo mail almost exclusively. They have the best spam blocker, a key factor in my decision to use this as my main mail account. There is supposedly a Gmail account waiting for me, but I haven't claimed it yet.

7. Air conditioning or just a fan when it's hot at night?
I wish that I could afford whole house air conditioning, but I can't, so I have to make do with my ceiling fan.

8. Dinner; seafood or steak?
I cannot choose! That is why restaurants offer surf and turf dinners on their menues.

9. Your all-time favorite music media; CD's, cassette tapes, or vinyl (or 8-tracks)?
Nothing is ever going to compare with the old vinyl album. Their size made it possible for all sorts of goodies to be included in the packaging (posters, photo albums, book covers, iron ons, etc.). I miss them! All of those scratches that you heard when you played them, they were just signs of love!

10. When learning a new software program, do you find it easier to follow a book or an online tutorial?
I own several programs that incude tutorial videos in the software. I prefer this to accessing the tutorials online or reading an instuction manual.


Monday Music Mambo
Brought to you by the ladies at Blogdrive Insanity!

Get out your Mamboing Shoes boys and girls! It's that time of the week again.

This week it's all about "New Music!" So why don't we get warmed up with a little bit of "I say...You think..."

"Please release me, let me go..."
Tuesday: Tuesday Afternoon - The Moody Blues
Sounds: The Sound OF Silence - Simon and Garfunkel
Disc: Compact disc
Radio: Pathetic DJs and their lame attempts to be funny.
Store: National Record Mart. Oh, how I miss that store!
Tape: Cassette tapes, the only thing that can be played on my car stereo without an adapter.
Mix: "It's all in the mix." I've been watching too many Twix commercials.

Ok, now that we are all warmed up, are you ready to Mambo? If you are, come on and shake your groove thang!

1. What's your favorite way to discover new music?

I'm on the mailing lists of my favorite bands, so that is how I find out about their new material. For other new material, I tend to be influenced by what others who share my musical tastes reccommend. I don't put much stock in radio stations or video music channels for finding new music. They are more about money than music these days.

2. Do videos influence whether or not you buy a cd?
Of course they do! That's why they make 'em.

3. What was the last CD you purchased?
That would be the American release of The Scorpions' Unbreakable.

4. Tell us about a band you recently discovered.
I bought Nickelback's Silver Side Up because Matthias Jabs said in an interview that they were a good new band. He was right. They have now been added to my list of favorites.

5. And lastly...answer the musical question: Did Video Kill The Radio Star?
In a word, yes! You don't think that the Britneys and Christinas of the music world are selling albums because of their great musical talent, do you?

Sunday, July 18, 2004

It's Time For Sunday Brunch!

It's All About Me

1. Do you or should you wear glasses or contact lenses?

I've said this before. I don't need glasses. I need longer arms! But since my arms don't appear to be cooperating, I do own a pair of glasses.

2. What is your favorite type of footwear?
None! I like to go barefoot, but if I am forced to wear shoes,I prefer sandals.

3. What is your worst habit?
Oooo... I have so many bad habits! It is difficult to choose. I suppose that under today's guidelines of political correctness, my worst habit would be being a smoker.

4. Are you an average, so-so or very good cook?
I don't cook very often. I hate cleaning the mess that this activity creates.When I do choose to cook, most people enjoy the dishes that I prepare, so I suppose that I am a fairly decent cook. If only someone would clean up after me...

5. Do you spend more time watching television, listening to music or surfing the internet?
You do know that it is possible to surf the internet and listen to music at the same time, don't you?



Look! It's Stuffed Sausages!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well, it seems that my old nemesis, the Moody Bitch, has finally emerged from her hibernation. This is actually a good thing. I missed her during her absence. Really, I did!
It seems that Miss Moody B now has a new complaint. She doesn't like the way my sister looked in Atlantic City. She says that the dress she was wearing made her look like a stuffed sausage. This brings several things to mind...

1. Andrea was not wearing a dress at the concert.

2. How could she possibly know what we were wearing? She wasn't there. I know this because she visited my blog in the wee hours of the day on June 20. There is no way in hell that she could be home from Atlantic City in time to visit when she did. It's a long drive from Atlantic City to the Boston Metro area!

3. There were no pictures of either of us taken in Atlantic City, so that rules out the only other way she could possibly propose to know what we were wearing.

4. If anyone of us looked like a stuffed sausage at the show, it was me! Does that bitch even know which of us is which?

5. Why does she continually leave comments on my blog? She must know by now that I will just delete them and use them to make a bigger fool of her the next day!

6. Does she think that I care about anything she has to say? Why should I? She has proven herself time and time again to be nothing more than a lying sack of shit.

In closing, this happy stuffed sausage gives you a lovely photo from the show. I had a great time there, I got plenty of good pictures, and at least Justin Hayward doesn't hate me...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



Meal time...

1. Breakfast: pancakes or eggs?

Mmmmm... Eggs!

2. Orange juice, coffee, or other?

Gotta have my coffee in the morning!

3. Lunch: eat out or brown bag it?

Fast food, except when I'm strapped for cash. Then I brown bag it or skip it altogether.

4. Dinner: eat out, order in, or cook it yourself?
Eat out, order in, or go to Mom's. I don't care, just as long as I don't have to cook it!

5. Favorite snack food?
All of them! Potato chips, pretzels, popcorn...
I could never choose just one!