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Friday, February 27, 2004

My Computer Is In A Mood
And so am I!

You know the mood I'm talking about. I click on a link, and what do I get? Most certainly not the page that I'm seeking. Oh, no. Not even the common cannot find server error. We've gone a step beyond that. Now I'm getting those 404 - File Not Found errors. "Of course the file is not found," I scream at the bloody machine. "You didn't even look for it!" I know that the next thing to happen is going to be the dreaded blue screen of evilness. I am overtaken by fantasies of doing things like this...

Fortunately, I come to my senses before throwing the monitor across the room. It's not the monitor that is responsible for my frustration, I realize. The poor thing is only the messenger. The real demons live in that tower that is sitting right by my feet. I've seen them. They look something like this...

*Grins Evilly*
Perhaps if I kick it really hard they'll take up residence someplace else....

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Something That I've Noticed

I was going through my pictures, looking for some appropriate gratuitous male beauty to display when I noticed this.

Quite a lovely picture of Klaus except for one tiny little thing. Just like every other man I've ever known, it appears that Klaus has no fashion sense! As if it isn't bad enough that shirt makes him look like a freaking zebra, he's been wearing it since 1993! (No! Not continuously)
What is it with guys and these favorite articles of clothing of theirs? Why do they get their hands on one particularly ugly article of clothing and wear it at every chance they get? Can someone please explain...

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Sometimes We All Feel A Bit Squirrelly!

Foamy ain't got nothing on Justin when it comes to looking squirrelly. Just look at him!

Whatever could it be that is inspiring such squirrelly looks from him? Could it possibly be the sight of his drummer making a total ass of himself on stage?

Perhaps, but I tend to think that it's because he's getting really tired of people scrawling their names right through poor Ol' Red! I really don't know why they do this, since with a little bit of practice using just about any decent imaging program they are so damned easy to remove!

I suppose that last smiley is just a bit childish of me. I'll try to be a bit more mature with this next one.
So, Moody Bitches, I'd just like to say...

Your tiny minds are unable to comprhend the German word...
It means thank you very much.
(For being so stupid, that is!)

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I Just Can't Resist!

I have to confess that one of the first things that I look at on a guy is his, to put it nicely, backside! So when I got my hands on these two pictures of the second most lovely one in the music industry, I just felt that I had to share them. So, without further ado, here they are. Two pictures of "The Ass of Lodgey!"

Feel free to save these ones for yourself. Print them out. Sell 'em on EBay for two bucks a piece! The Moody Bitch will love you for it!
To her I say

Heheheh! There's another cute backside for you!

First place for most lovely behind in the music industry goes to Matthias Jabs!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Track List Is Here!

For those of you not included on what I call the list of torture, more commonly known as The Scorpions Newsletter, the track list of the new album, Unbreakable, is as follows
1. New Generation
2. Love 'em Or Leave 'em
3. Deep And Dark
4. Borderline
5. Blood Too Hot
6. Maybe I Maybe You
7. Someday Is Now
8. My City My Town
9. Through My Eyes
10. Can You Feel It
11. This Time
12. She Said
13. Remember The Good Times

From the sound of those titles, I would say that this one is definitely gonna be an album of rockers!

This is, of course, only a guess since in keeping with Wolfgang's policy of torture, no samples were included with the track list!

Monday, February 16, 2004

It's President's Day!

Yes, today is that day that has been set aside in the good ol' U. S. of A. to honor all of those great, noble, and intelligent men who have had the honor of holding the office of president.
Of all the presidents that we've had in the past 200+ years, I wonder how many REALLY fit into that category? Three or four, tops, probably. Current leadership is most definitely excluded!
I hear that he got the following message in his inbox the other day.

The effects of this message on the so-called "War On Terrorism" are yet to be seen.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against ANY holiday that gets me a day off with pay. God bless the late, great men who deserved to have the honor of this day bestowed upon them. Still, wouldn't it be so much nicer if they came up with a new holiday something like this one?

Hehehe! Gotta love these smiley guys!

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day!

(Yeah, right...)

I suppose that you've guessed by now that this just isn't one of my favorite holidays. I might feel a bit differently if my insignificant other was not quite so...well...insignificant!
He might try something like this

in the hopes of getting a little or even !
Unfortunately for him, my response to his requests for things such as these will always be

If he really wanted to give me a good gift, he would wake up and smell the coffee and let me put a legal end to our relationship. It would be nice for me to be able to get on with my life...

Friday, February 13, 2004

I've Learned A Lot From These Smilies!

The ever familiar smiley has certainly changed since he first appeared in the 70's! Gone are the days when he was merely the big yellow happy face gracing t-shirts and buttons which read, "Have a Nice Day!" The Smiley now has a personality all his own.
Sometimes he feels quite violent.

Other times, he is in the mood for love.

When he wakes up each morning, he needs his coffee, Just like I do!

He knows the frustrations of living in the computer age.

He also knows how to deal with them.

He complains about the weather.

And, yes, that ever so lovable Smiley is helping me on my quest to learn German!

Who'd have thunk it?!

Monday, February 09, 2004

Check This Out!

This is positively hysterical.
Could this be a result of "Mad Cow Disease?"
All I have to say is, "Only in Germany..."
Well, maybe in India, too.
I wonder if she made a withdrawl.


A Gentle Reminder...

The only time the word "Sojourn" is pretty is when it is preceded by the word "Seventh"!


The Procrastination Is Over!

I bought it well over a year ago. I had at that time waited for the director's cut to be released. I didn't want to see it in anything other than its most graphic form, and that it was! The movie...Pearl Harbor. Finding time to sit and watch a three hour movie was difficult for me, but this one was great though every minute! The characters were very well developed. Historical facts were adhered to well. The scenes of the attack were graphic, but tasteful. I couldn't help but to cry. Best of all, it did not end with the attack on Pearl Harbor, as many of the other movies I've seen on this subject did. It went on to show the American attack on Tokyo in retaliation.
I have heard that, to the surprise of many, this movie was also a big hit in Japan. This doesn't surprise me, since the Japanese leaders and pilots were treated with a good degree of dignity and respect.
This brings about my one single rant about the movie.
Why weren't the German fighter pilots given the same consideration? About midway trough the first part of the movie, Rafe goes off to join a British regiment for American pilots. When he is shot down (he does survive), a big dramatic issue is made of it, but nothing of the sort is done for the many German pilots that he shot down prior to this.Yeah, I know, they are (supposedly) Nazis. Not the nicest guys in the world, but still... Didn't these guys have wives, girfriends, children or other family that would feel the pain of their deaths just as much as the families of our guys? Were they not still human beings?
I suppose that if we could truly realize this, we would find better ways of solving our political differences and power struggles than fighting wars...
With my single rant finished, I give you pictures of the two gorgeous male lead characters.



Saturday, February 07, 2004

Pretty In Pink?!

OK, so it's not the greatest caption in the world, but I just had to have one. Imagine my joy upon coming home from a hard day at work to find this in my inbox! The only thing that I can think of that would bring me greater joy would be if I found it in my bedroom. I fear that all of my drooling may just short out my keyboard. That would be a new one. I usually spill coffee on it and get the keys all stuck together. Of course, had I been holding a cup of coffee when this first loaded, I probably would have spilled it. Ice water would be more appropriate. Every time I look at this one I feel a need for a very cold shower!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I Just Have To Share This One!

Yes, this one's for you Miss Moody Bitch. It's quite lovely without any stupid writing scrolled aross it, isn't it? Awww... does that tick you off? Perhaps you should get your shrink to increase your dosage of Prozac. It would help a lot.

Totally Random Thought

I wonder if this post is going to cause ads for Prozac to appear at the top of this page...

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Inquiring Minds Want To Know...

I never cease to be amazed by the odd searches that uncover this page. Some of them make perfect sense, while others leave me baffled. Still others leave me wondering about the mental state of the searcher. For example, why on earth would anyone be searching for Vinter in Vonderland (yes, spelled that way)?! Someone did! Also, there are those who run an ordinary search for "pictures of Matthias Jabs." Why not just run an image search for him? It is much more productive and you get to see a thumbnail of the image before you go scrolling through vast quantities of webpages. But the ultimate ridiculous search to uncover this page is this one!
"Is Matthias Jabs nice?"
Isn't that just a bit too subjective to get any accurate results? I mean, if you ask a certain person named Susane, she'd probably tell you that he's the biggest sonofabitch to ever walk the face of the earth, whereas Klaus Meine or Rudolf Schenker would probably say he's an overall good guy. What exactly does "nice" mean, anyway? Do you want to know if he goes to church on Sunday and donates to charity? I couldn't tell you. All that I know is that he's got a really nice ass (and a few other nice parts as well). Isn't that all that matters?