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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Interesting Photo

OK, Lady Starlight must admit that she is a bit of a Moody Blues fan as well! As such, I was quite intrigued when I discovered this picture of Justin and that THING that he married. It's amazing! Marie appears to be a living being. It's such a shame I can't say the same about her now. I'm not exactly sure when she became the zombified dead thing that she now appears to be, but really Justin, why don't you just bury her and have done with it? Or, better still, have her cremated. After all, the zombie might be able to claw her way up from the grave!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I Am Being Tortured

Good old Wolfgang, webmaster of The Scorpions official site, has come through again with a new way to cause me anguish. I really thought that he had just about done everything he could do, but this man's cruelty to me knows no bounds!

Ways That He Has Tormented Me In The Past!

1. Sending me offers for discounted concert tickets... For a show in Germany!!!
2. Notifying me of every European tour date!
3. Letting me know every time that the band is going to be on TV or radio... in freaking Germany!!!
Do you see a pattern developing here?
But wait, this latest method breaks the old pattern!
The other day I got an email telling me that the new album, Unbreakable, will be released some time in April. No specific date in April was given, so I can't even start counting the days, and there are certainly plenty of days to count since this is January! ARRGH!

Sudden Thought

Perhaps he has not broken the pattern. Maybe that April release date is only for Germany...

Monday, January 26, 2004

My Rant For Today
Sorry, M. B., It's not about you!

I was in the magazine section of Wal Mart when I saw it, a magazine called Guitar Legends. Gracing the cover of said magazine were the members of Led Zeppelin. I picked it up, and remarked how it seems that there are so many great guitarists out there whose images never grace the covers of magazines such as these, but that's another rant entirely! As I finished my rant and was putting the magazine back on the shelf, something on the cover caught my eye. It said that it contained the guitar lines for Stairway to Heaven. I was excited. I used to have a songbook that cotained the music for this song, but it has long since disappeared. With it having been many years since I had last played those lines, all I could remember was that each of the lines in the intro ended with the notes G A A. Needless to say, I blew eight bucks on the stupid magazine just to get that song!
I arrive at home, eager to play the intro to that song once more. I grab "Rudolf" and open the magazine to the pages where the song is located. ARRGH! What is this?! It most certainly isn't music (You know, the kind with notes on a staff). It's guitar tabs. I DON'T DO GUITAR TABS! Guitar tabs are for idiots who don't know how to read music, but still want to play. I do not fall into that category. This means more work for me. I now need to transpose all of those stupid little diagram things into honest to goodness musical notes.
Why do I want to do this when I have these diagrams which tell me precisely how to play each note? The answer is quite simple. On a guitar, there are several different ways to play any given note. I don't want to play the song like a Jimmy Page clone. I want to play it in my own style and you can't do that from tabs!
Really, the people who use these things should take the time to learn to read music. It is a much more enriching experience to play from REAL music. You also get to develop your own style, and you just can't do that from tabs.

End of rant...

Sunday, January 25, 2004

The Cockroaches Only Come Out At Night!

Got your attention with that one, didn't I? What?! You thought I was calling someone a cockroach? Now that's just silly. I would never do a thing like that. There are SO many terms that are much more colorful!
But, seriously, there is nothing that inspires a man to write lyrics quite like a cockroach! You always knew that they had to be good for something. This is it. As to why these vermin seem to inspire such creative and thought provoking lyrics, I haven't a clue.
What is this? You say that you have never heard a really good song about a cockroach. "What sort of twisted individual writes songs about icky, nasty bugs?" you ask. Why, this man, of course!

I give you a passage from The Scorpions' Priscilla.

She lives in my kitchen
Down in the shade.
She likes left-overs
And throw aways.
I'm on a diet.
She's fat.
I'm ready to attack!
Priscilla, Oh, Priscilla
You last resistant chiller
Priscilla, Oh, Priscilla
Tonight I'm going to kill ya!
I can't do it! I can't do it at all!
She turns a man into a killer
This cockroach named Priscilla,
This cockroach named Priscilla!

Really, Klaus, it would be a hell of a whole lot easier to kill the pesky little vermin if you didn't give 'em names!

Friday, January 23, 2004

A Definition

Since message boards are supposed to be a media for sharing thoughts, information, photos, etc. with others, I have decided to provide a definition of the word "share" here, as it is painfully obvious that certain people are completely ignorant of the meaning of this word. It is funny, really. I have never mentioned these people by name (or even username), nor have I mentioned the name of their message board, but they seem to know instinctively to whom I am referring. Could it be because they see the truth in what I am saying?

share v.t. - To use, enjoy or have something in common with another, emphasizing the idea of common possession, enjoyment, use, etc. Example - I share my concert photos with my friends.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Get A Life, Moody Bitch!

I was just sitting around, contemplating posting a lovely picture of my favorite concubine, Matthias Jabs, when I noticed it...the number of hits on my blog has increased dramatically. Mine is a humble little blog, read usually only by my close friends and a few people who are directed here by the weirdness of the Google search engines. It is very seldom indeed that I get more than ten or twelve hits in one day, so I was decidedly curious when my hit counter displayed that I had more than fifty visitors today! I logged into my counter account to see just who these people are who are responsible for my sudden burst of popularity. Imagine my surprise to discover that six of the last ten of my hits had come from the same IP! A little bit of investigating, and I discover that it is none other than the Moody Bitch! Geez, lady, you must really have no life. Does it really bring you pleasure to read over and over again that I think you are a brainless idiot?! You must be really proud of your stupidity. Quick, email my URL to all of your friends (if you have any) so that they can read all about how stupid you are. I don't mind. I appreciate the extra traffic!

But, that is enough ranting. It's time to get back to the finer things in life, and this one is quite fine indeed!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My Confession!

Hello, everyone. I am Lady Starlight Jabs, and I'm an image thief! Of course, I don't really see it that way. I'm still in denial. I was not aware that photos taken by amatuer photographrers and posted on message boards were something that could be stolen. I thought that photos which got posted on message boards were supposed to be there to be shared. I even could have sworn that the terms and conditions of message boards and website hosts hosts all said that if you do not want others to take your stuff, you should not post it! These photos also bear no legal copyright notice, just the photographers made up signature scrawled across them in some place which makes them harder than hell to edit. Why do these people not claim copyright? Here is my theory...
These photos were not taken legally. Think about it. Don't all concert venues have a no flash photography rule? There's a good reason for it too. It's damned rude to take flash pictures of anyone while s/he is performing on stage. If these talentless bitches had ever been on stage performing, they would understand why. Which brings us to my next objection, why these bitches don't like others saving their images...
These women obviously have no REAL jobs so they must find a way to fund their attendance of every concert given in the known world by their favorite band! How do they do this? Why by selling those not so legal photos that they have taken! I wonder... are they giving the guys in the band a cut of their profits, other than the money they spend on all of those concert tickets? I expect not, and THAT seems incredibly wrong to me. It is, after all, these guys' images that they are selling for profit.
Without further ado, here is one of my (supposedly) stolen and edited images.

Take that, Moody Bitches!

Sunday, January 18, 2004

My Dog Still Lives

I came pretty close the other day, but I did not strangle my dog. Deadly Sting has been replaced. Heheheh! I now even own a second copy of disc one as the original copy of that one managed to escape the jaws of the evil one. Another thirty bucks down the shitter. Oh, well, the guys need the money I suppose. Yeah, right! My search for another copy of Worldwide Live continues. Ray was unable to fix the damage. I will accept nothing less than brand new. Fortunately for me, I discovered Savage Amusement safely tucked inside my laptop's carrying case far from the jaws of my evil CD munching dog.

Another Really Cute Picture of Ralph

Isn't that gap toothed smile just so adorable?!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

A Fan's Final Plea...

Oh, Ralph, please don't go! I will miss you, and I fear your replacement! "Why?" you ask. It's simple. Just look at the band's track record. For example, the two guitarists who preceded Matthias Jabs. Uli Jon Roth was...I don't want to be mean here... but he was just butt ugly! Michael Schenker...clones on stage scare me and he looks too damned much like his brother! I won't even discuss the last new band member as we all know how I feel about James Kottak...
Then there is the other possibility...the new guy being twenty or more years younger than the rest of the band... That just ain't right!
Oh, please, please, PLEASE stay...


My Dog Has Done the Unthinkable!!

In the thirteen months that I have had this dog, she has done many things to prove that in her beats a heart that is pure EVIL. For all of the things that she has done in the past, I have forgiven her. This summer when she chewed apart all of my cute strappy little sandals as quickly as I could purchase them, I forgave her. When she somehow got my favorite hair brush and chewed it to pieces, I once again offered forgiveness. When she devoured a bag of my favorite potato chips which were stored on an upper pantry shelf before I even opened them, I blamed the cats for getting them down for her and was not angry with her at all. Even last week when she took several tubes of my favorite lipstick and one of my favorite eyeshadows from the bathroom and chewed them up, I was only slightly upset. I buy that stuff at the dollar store. It's cheap and easily replaced. But what that BITCH did today is just unforgivable!
I had just returned home from grocery shopping. The lights in the kitchen were out. But even in that darkened room I could see the omen of impending doom...a CD on the floor. My son flicks on the light. The cases in which I stored my CDs are strewn about the floor, chewed to bits. CD's are scattered everywhere. I discover disc 2 of Deadly Sting with a large bite taken out of it. ARRRGH!!Half of a thirty dollar double disc set in ruin! But the destruction did not end there...OH, NO! Worldwide Live has been badly scratched. It no longer plays properly. Ray has a CD repair kit...I pray that it can be fixed, but it's pretty bad. I don't think that it is likely. Wait...I just realized that I have not yet found Savage Amusement! I pray that I have it stored elsewhere as I had a few of my others. I suppose that I should be thankful that the other discs in the cases survived fairly unscathed and that the two most difficult ones to replace were not among the titles I had stored in them. Acoustica and Eye II Eye were safely inside my CD player at the time.
I will not kill my dog...
But I am sorely tempted!

Monday, January 12, 2004

Well...I guess it is now official. I had heard rumors of it a few months back, but I just didn't want to believe it. *sniff* Ralph Rieckermann is leaving the Scorpions. :( It was announced in the newsletter today. They gave the name of his replacement, it was something quite odd, but I was too busy mourning the loss of Ralph to remember what it was. I am not ready to accept someone new yet. I'm still trying to get used to James Kottak. Gah! Someone should really tell that guy to quit bleaching his hair. It looks downright unnatural and besides that, it makes him look like a girl!
Anyway...They claim that it is a friendly split...That Ralph has priorities in LA that he has placed above his participation in the band. I think that it is really because the webmaster of the official site could just never get his name right. Is it Ralph or Ralf (the albums all say "Ralph")? Even in today's notice, he alternated between the two spellings. And we all know how much squirrelly wrath can be inspired by such things. Just look at what it did to Justin Hayward!
I'm most definitely gonna miss Ralph, no matter how he spells his name. You've just gotta love an unmarried guy who answers the question, "Do you have any children?" with a question mark. I wonder what that means...paternity suit pending? Yep, a bit of a smart ass, he is, and I've always had quite a fondness for that type. For this reason alone, he shall always hold a special spot on my list of concubines.
So, Ralph, as you leave the band for (hopefully) bigger and better things, this is what I'd like to say to you:
Good luck, I wish you well
For all that wishes may be worth.
I hope that love and strength
Are with you for the length
Of your time on earth.
Yes, these are lyrics from A Winter's Tale but they express my feelings quite nicely. And so in parting I would also like to state that this is one fan who shall always remain still loving you.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Another Factor of My Obsessiveness
My NeoPets
Yes, I, a full grown woman just can't seem to stop playing NeoPets! I have multiple accounts. No matter how much the censors there piss me off (I'm damned pissed at them right now. Click my mood indicator for details), I keep going back! Of course, you know that I've just gotta own the following two pets on one of my accounts.
Klaus Meine
Lady Starlight got her Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

Matthias Jabs
Lady Starlight got her Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

Why are they so unhappy? It could be because they are truly named KlausMeine1948 and MatthiasJabbs since the proper forms of the names have already been taken, one by a pet that STILL has not been born and the other by a pet that has never been played with! Or perhaps it is because the Neopian censors have destroyed our beautiful shops...
Go ahead. Click on them. Join the madness and earn me some neopoints to help keep these guys fed!


How Obsessive Am I?
I'll let you decide...

Heheheh! My cell phone rings Wind of Change. Hey, this has one major advantage. When my phone rings in a crowded place, I can be pretty damned sure that it is mine. As yet I have not come across anyone else with that particular ring tone. It also has one major disadvantage. When it rings, I have a tendency to start singing along!
"Take me to the magic of the moment of the glory night where the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of..."
Wind of WHAT, for crying out loud?! Where did that last note go? Does my voice mail pick up at this point every time or did they just leave it out? Did it run off with my missing guitars and Justin Hayward's lost chord? Oh, Hell! What does it matter? I just missed another call...

Monday, January 05, 2004

My psychic powers are telling me that many people are discovering this blog by asking the search engines if Justin Hayward (Look, Justin, I spelled your name correctly...unlike a certain record label!) still smokes. It seems odd that they should be telling me this, since it is totally irrelevant to the material contained herein. But, since my psychic powers never lie to me, I shall give these people their answer, since I do happen to know it. Your searches can end here! Aren't you happy?
And the answer is....
*drum roll*
No, Justin Hayward no longer smokes cigarettes. He quit when his brother died of lung cancer. Now, as to anything else he might happen to want to smoke, I couldn't tell you. It would seem to me that he must need to smoke SOME sort of funny weed if he has to crawl into bed with that zombie he's married to...EWWWWWW!!!!

Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy 2004!

Another year has come and gone. It's time once again to make those stupid New Year's resolutions that no one ever manages to keep much longer than to January 31. I, for one, will not be making any. It's pointless! I do, however, have a list of things that I would like to get done in the coming year. It is as follows:
1. Get more written of my Scorp-fic and GW fan-fic before my readers lynch me!
2. File for divorce from the worthless idiot to whom I am married in name only. At least then I will have my freedom in two year's time!
3. Learn a little bit of the German language since characters in both of my fics need to speak it at least upon occasion. Besides, I'll be needing it should I ever be able to make that fantasy trip of mine.
4. Find or find out what happened to my missing guitars. Wish me luck!
5. Lose at least 20 pounds. Wish me luck again!
6. Get another hug from John Lodge, this time when it's not so cold that I forget how much I really want to grab that nice tushie of his and do it!
That's the extent of my list. Some of it will get done. Some won't. Here's to it being #6 on the list of accomplished tasks!