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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Tonight is Trick-or-Treat night in our town. Yeah, I know it's weird. We never have it on Halloween...never did. My son has insisted that I wear a costume. I've decided to let my true colors shine through. I'm going to be a mystical witch. Wait a minute...what I really am is spelled with a "B". It's a really cute costume, though, a black witch's dress with a purple robe, a purple and black velvet witch's hat with purple hair, and a magical witch's broom. I wonder if anyone will give me any candy...

Monday, October 27, 2003

Well, I am quite pleased with myself. While looking through one of those many musicians catalogs that I see each day, I discovered the list price for "Rudolf." $470!!! Wow! did I get a deal! Even the discounted price in the catalog was higher than what I paid...$279 plus shipping. Mine was only $239 with no extra charges whatsoever! All I can say is, "Thank-you silly little ad box!"
Speaking of silly little things, Bob Anderson is pissed at me because I mentioned his name here. Like he is the only guy in the world with that name! Ha! I can think of two or three others in this area alone! It is such a shame that the little SOB doesn't have a computer. I'd really like him to know just how much I can't stand him. He thinks that computers are a waste of time and money. I feel sorry for his poor kids when they've gotta do an assignment for school. What an asshole! I think I'll mention his name again, just out of spite...Bob Anderson. What's he gonna do? Sue me? You can't get blood from a stone, you know!
One more time just for clarification purposes...
Bob Anderson in no way resembles Klaus Meine.
He does NOT look like him. He does NOT sound like him, and I am also quite certain that he shares NO personality traits with him!
There...I feel much better now!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Oooo...Look what I found! I just had to post a new picture today, in honor of Matthias' birthday. He's 47. I don't have the courage to go to the official site and wish him a happy birthday. I'd probably say something that would make me look stupid. I do things like that. So, I shall do so here...
Happy Birthday, Matthias!
Although we have never met, and probably never will, I would like to thank you for somehow making me remember the dreams I once had and who I am. The dreams may never be realized, but they are something that I now know are an important part of who I am. I shall cherish them forever in the hopes that someday they really do come true.
All of my love,
Lady Starlight

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Klaus Meine does NOT look like Bob Anderson!
Why make this statement? It seems that a certain person with whom I work thinks that he does. What an insult!!! Bob Anderson is the most DISGUSTING creature ever to walk on planet earth! Her statement started one of those very childish arguments in the parking lot...
Me: "Does not!"
Tracy:"Does too!"
Me: "Does NOT!!"
Get the picture? This is why I have decided to list the reasons why Klaus does NOT look like Bob.
1. Klaus - Blue eyes; Bob - brown eyes
2. Bob - frequently sports a beard. Klaus - Clean shaven.
3. Bob - Hairy beast! Klaus - NOT!
4. Klaus - Dark curly hair: Bob - Light brown and straight (what's left of it)
5. Klaus looks sweet and lovable. Bob looks like the obnoxious bastard that he is!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

How do you say, "I can't afford it!" using only six letters?
The answer: G-i-b-s-o-n!
Yes, the catalogs are here. It is such torture. I get to see them all and drool. The price of the Explorer has gone down to $750. It's still a good bit out of my price range, and it is not even the model that I so long to own. It's a brown wood grain finish one. Lord only knows how much I would have to pay for my beloved plain white one...
A lady on my route was telling me about how her brother (no kids, decent job, lives with mom & dad) plunked out $3000 to buy her sons a couple of Gibson guitars for Christmas last year. Damn, I wish he were MY uncle! Wait a minute...I am his mail lady. Perhaps if I give him extra special service...
Oh, God! I can see the headlines now. "Mail Carrier Fired for Exchanging Sexual Favors for Gibson Guitar."

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Steve Clark of Def Leppard
April 23, 1960-January 8, 1991

My, but I am feeling a bit morbid, aren't I?! Why? A friend of mine saw my Scorpion themed shop on NeoPets and mentioned that she would like to do something similar in her shop using Def Leppard. Since I would have to say that they are my second favorite band of all time (What?! The Scorpions are #1, of course!), it got me to thinking. The thinking got me to scanning. I now have a nice little folder, full of pictures of Steve Clark. This one is one of my favorites. Such a shame that he is gone. He was so beautiful, and one hell of a guitarist, too. (Sorry, Viv!)

Friday, October 17, 2003

Oooo..."Rudolf" arrived bright and early yesterday morning *sniff* while I was at work. I had to suffer through a whole day of work before I could get my hands on him. Talk about misery...
But it was well worth the wait. He is gorgeous, a bit ostentatious, but gorgeous. The position marker inlays and even the trademark logo are all mother of pearl, the strings bronze wound, light gauge (Thank Heaven!), and (Heheheh!) the pick guard has "Fender" printed all over it. That's the ostentatious part, but hey, I wouldn't want it to be mistaken for some cheap thing. It sounds absolutely fantastic. I had nearly forgotten how much I loved playing those 12 string models. Ah, yes, it's all coming back to me now.
Yes, I am a bit ridiculous about the whole thing, but it's a damned good guitar, and I wanted it so bad (Bad enough to forgo lunch and smoke generic cigarettes until next payday)! I wore the tag from it on my belt today. The girls at work are wondering how long it will be before I bring it in to play during my lunch break since I already take my laptop with me every day. No, that's not gonna happen. I would not subject my baby to the horrors of the back of the mail truck!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Anticipation...I feel as though I am in a ketchup commercial! I got the word today that my new 12-string has shipped. Of course, I MUST track it for the duration of its journey from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. I was ever so excited to see that it is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday! This means that it will be in New Stanton, a few scant miles from my home, tomorrow night. I wish that I could just go there to pick it up when it arrives. I have decided to name it "Rudolf". Gee, I wonder how I came up with that name...

Monday, October 13, 2003

Yippee!! :) I bought myself that wonderful Fender 12-string! The people who put those ads on the top of the pages here are gonna be SO happy. I got the last black one they had left...Supposedly. I did the "Happy Dance" all around the house when I got the order confirmation e-mail! I wonder how long it will be before it arrives. I can't wait to play it. A lot of people don't like playing the 12-strings, but I've always LOVED them. They're hell on your fingers if you don't use light gauge strings (and if you do, you'll be snapping "e" strings quite frequently), but they produce such a fantastic sound!
Update on the Missing Guitars
Upon hearing of my recent purchase, my culprit informed me that someone was selling a 12-string in the classified section of our local paper for $25. He's such an idiot! If it's being sold for that cheap, the neck is probably warped. I should know. The first 12-sting that I owned, I bought at a flea mart for $20. The neck was warped pretty bad, but I got a few months of play out of it before it got so bad that it couldn't play it. *sniff* By then I had bought my now missing Yamaha 12-string, so I just threw it away. People just don't realize how much tension those 12 strings put on the necks of those things. If you're gonna store 'em, you've gotta loosen the strings!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Klaus Meine with Phil Collen of Def Leppard
Ain't they so cute!
This picture is so bad you gotta love it! Either someone was incredibly drunk when it was snapped (and I'm not talking about Phil), or that flash really took him by surprise.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I knew that it would work! Yippee! The ads for the guitar sites are back at the top of this page. The only problem is that I am now flat broke. Arrrgh! Payday is on Friday. I MUST remember to bookmark them this time. I was running out of random words. Once I buy myself that wonderful, beautiful, fantastic, Fender 12-string, I wonder what I can try to get in the ad box next...
I still have about ten minutes to kill. I deliver to a business that shuts down for lunch every day from noon to one. It's not a problem on most days, I just drop the mail in the box, but today they have an item requiring a signature. If my creative juices were flowing, I would be using this time to start Part V of the Scorp-Fic, but I've got a rather bad case of writer's block right now. I wouldn't want to subject you to anything that wasn't up to my exacting standards there, so I am instead typing this whiny blog entry. Maybe someone will get back from lunch early, I'm getting sick of sitting here!

Saturday, October 04, 2003

I was sitting here with The Scorpions turned to full volume, daydreaming about a threesome with Matthias & Klaus (Hey! My idea of a threesome is me & two guys!) when I saw it. It was a small tubular piece of plastic, black and silver in color. Could it be? YES! The missing piece from "Blackie!" I thought that it was made of metal. I must have looked at it a zillion times and not realised what it was. I never dreamed that the blasted thing was made of plastic. I suppose this is what differentiates my cheap little strat from the more expensive models. I guess you've gotta buy at least a $300 model to get metal, mine was only $200...
This poses a new problem. "Blackie" has already been re-strung. In order to replace the newly found missing part, I must very carefully remove his "e" string and all of that nifty aluminum foil I used in place of said part. Once the wayward part is returned to its proper position, I must then get the "e' strong back on! This is where the REAL problem lies. I cannot stand having "little stringy monsters" protruding from my guitars, so I clip the ends off new strings as soon as they are tuned. It's a bitch and a half to put a string that has been clipped back on a guitar. Still, I've gotta do this soon, or that part will end up going missing again. This is the price I've gotta pay for being so persnickety!
Random Words for Today:
Thought I forgot about them, did you?!
James Kottak, Flying V, Fender...


What?! Who are these guys?!
Oooo...It's Justin Hayward & John Lodge of the Moody Blues, and just guess who is going to be seeing them a mere eleven rows from the stage...
Yeah, I wish it were the Scorpions, but these guys are pretty cool in their own way. I must confess to being a bit excited over this. I must be to give them this place of honor here with the Scorpions. Actually, this picture was still lurking around on my hard drive from when I edited it for my sister, the music whore (Heheheh!). She is the reason I am going to this show. Gotta have some company on that long drive to Youngstown, Ohio. Of course, since I am the older, more mature one in this pair *laughs hysterically* I must keep her from doing anything foolish. I wonder who is going to prevent ME from doing anything foolish...

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Automobiles are EVIL! I am convinced of this. Sure, mine decided to fix itself, but it did not end with that. No, the blasted thing just had to get me to spend some money on it somehow, so it decides to let its exhaust system come apart. Mind you, I just put a brand new exhaust system on it about two months ago! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL! How am I ever supposed to purchase that Fender 12-string if my car keeps eating up my money?!
Good news for those of you who are reading my Scorp-Fic. Part IV was posted yesterday. Yeah, it is getting kinda creepy, but I promise it's gonna be good.
Random Words for Today:
Bass, Stratocaster, Gibson
I'm having no luck at all in directing these ads...