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Monday, September 29, 2003

Well, it seems that I've cooled down a bit. Better still, I am not the only thing. WooHoo! My car has decided it no longer wants to overheat every time I drive around the block. I'm still not sure why it was doing it in the first place, but it sure is good that it stopped. This means that I may just be able to free up the funds to purchase that 12-string guitar that I've been raving about...IF I can find the site again...I forgot to bookmark it!
*bangs head on wall*
Perhaps the proper random words will bring the ad back.
Random Words for Today:
Strings, Picks, Amplifiers

Sunday, September 28, 2003

So nice to know that I still seem to have that particular talent for making everyone in the world mad at me! Oooo...I'm such an evil bitch. All because I just wanted a day away from all of this freaking togetherness I've been having. Some people come around once every two or three months and think that they know everything, but they don't! They act as though they have never upset anyone with all of their problems, but they just aren't there to know that they do the same damned thing. Hey, if the world is going to be mad at me, I might as well be mad at it as well. I'm at my wit's end. I'm sick of being in marital and financial limbo. I wish I knew what the hell is up with my blasted car. It just seems like everyone is pushing me to the point where I just want to explode, but when I do they get mad. I tried taking it all out on the person responsible, you know...the worthless bum I mentioned earlier...but HE just sits the phone down and ignores me. Ha! Does he think I'm so stupid that I wouldn't know what he was doing?
I always joke about wanting to run away. If I thought that I had enough money to do it, I would right NOW! To hell with all of them...
I'll probably end up deleting this post tomorrow, after I've cooled down, but for now it is making me feel a whole lot better.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Scary Thought for Today
What if, in a fit of boredom, Matthias Jabs were to run a search on his own name and stumble upon *GASP* my site?! Would it scare the proverbial crap out of him? All of those flippant (lewd) comments after his info and in the photo captions...But, hey, is it my fault the guy must rip all of the buttons off his shirts as soon as he gets them and wears pants that are so tight that well...Let's just say that "How's it hangin'?" is not a question you would ever feel the need to ask him! Yeah, I looked! Kinda difficult for a living female to miss it though...
Even scarier...the Scorp-Fic! Not bad yet, but when Part IV gets posted (soon, it's almost finished), it will be. And then there is my "pen name," Lady Starlight Jabs...
I suppose I should hope he never accidentally stumbles upon this...how embarrassing! Unless of course, my lustful obsessiveness turns him on. Then I would hope for him to stumble right in...
Looks like the ad box needs a bit of direction. It's getting really weird!
Random Words for Today!
Guitar, Hannover, Concert

Thursday, September 25, 2003

I was talking on the phone to a friend of mine today. I don't quite remember how we got around to the subject, but we began to discuss my supposedly stolen guitars. I say supposedly because I do not for one second believe that to be true. It is far more likely that a certain person who I shall not name sold them for some extra cash when his unemployment checks ran out or destroyed them in a fit of rage (directed at me, of course). But no matter what really happened to them, I told my friend that I believed that a certain estranged spouse of mine should be responsible for their replcement i.e. buying me that Fender 12-string. She agreed with me 100%! This set the conversation going in a whole new and interesting direction. We decided that we would probably both be better off if our respective spouses, hers current, mine not quite ex, were dead! Allow me to explain...
First of all, as his widow, I would be able to collect that worthless bum's vested pension from that job he USED to have. That would be a big improvement over the child support that I am NOT getting! Secondly, I would get that nice car of his. This would relieve me of the need to get my old junker fixed and free the funds for the purchase of that lovely Fender 12-string. Who knows, I might even have enough money to make that trip to Germany. Heheheh! Were I able to find Matthias Jabs over there, I wouldn't need to buy it. I could just play his. But then, as my friend so nicely pointed out, it probably wouldn't be guitar strings that I'd be stumming!
Such a nice little fantasy.'Tis a shame that the SOB will probably outlive me just out of spite!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I just HAD to go and do it! I clicked on that link for the guitar site. There I found an absolutely incredible 12-string (mine is still missing). Oooo... It's a Fender and it is only $249! I MUST have it!!!
Here is the problem...
My car is out of commission. I don't have enough to get it fixed if there anything other than what I think is wrong with it. I have another car stashed away in the garage, but I positively hate it! Anyway, I promised it to my son when he gets his liscense. Car or guitar? Such decisions pain me so! Maybe I'll be lucky and it won't be too expensive to fix the car. Ha! Fat chance of that! If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.
Update on the Missing Guitars:
The key suspect in their disappearance claims that they must have been stolen from the garage since it has no lock. Yeah, right. That garage is a mess. Were someone to break in to it, I would probably find his dead rotting carcass in there! Also, if what my suspect claims is true, I feel that he should be responsible for replacing my missing guitars. He is the one who lost all of the keys to the locks and never replaced the locks after he removed them! Oooo...I HATE HIM!!!
Random Words for Today:
Rudolf Schenker, Germany, Jabocaster...

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Why am I so amused?
I think it could be because of that ridiculous ad block at the top of this page. It seems to pull a word or words from my entries to decide what it puts there. Took them long enough to put an ad for a guitar site there. I suppose I should be nice and check it out. Heheheh! I'll probably end up with another guitar to add to my collection!
But enough about the stuff that makes sense. It is the rest of the stuff up there that baffles me. Related searches "Angel Lyrics" & "MY"! What the hell is THAT! OK, they pulled the word angel from my title, but except for the song lyrics I posted, that word just doesn't appear here at all. And who is this angel who writes lyrics, anyway? I refuse to click on the link to find out. I have a feeling that it might be scary. I have positively no idea about the "MY" thing either. Can someone out there fill me in? This is the diary of a rabid Scorpions fan, but I have yet to see them come up as a related search.
The whole thing is quite absurd, it kinda gives me an urge to start typing random words into my entries to see what will appear there.
Yeah, I know that I could pay some small fee and lose the stupid ad box, but then I'd have nothing with which to amuse myself!
Random Words For Today!
Scorpions, Matthias Jabs, Klaus Meine.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

I sit here on my lunch break, typing this diary entry as though I have nothing better to do! I could be starting Part IV of the Scorp-Fic, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. I just posted Part III yesterday(That's a link, people. Click on it!) What I wish is that I had some sort of wireless internet connection. Oh the things I could be doing with this half hour that I am allowed to waste...
Ha! I'd probably be sitting here staring at the photo I posted below yesterday. It kinda disturbs me that Klaus looks so blasted CUTE in that photo. Oooo...I could just hug him to pieces! Really...that's all...I don't find him to be sexy at all...or do I? He does look pretty damned good in those Speedos in the "No One Like You" video. What I wouldn't give for a screen shot of THAT! Still, it would have been so much better had it been Matthias in the Speedos.
I am running out of time...and battery...I must continue this later.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Oooo...doesn't Klaus just look so cute playing that air guitar?! And why the hell is Francis trying to bash his bandmates over the head with his bass? And Matthias, my he looks so serious! I won't even mention those skin tight leather pants on Rudolf...
I just love this picture. It is supposedly on the cover of a new songbook that I absolutely MUST have. It will be a heck of a lot easier to play those songs with some real music. Guitar tabs just don't make the grade for me. The best place to get it is probably that Guitar Store I found in Monroeville. That'll be a real dangerous excursion for me. One can never have too many guitars, I say. I really can't afford one...the water pump on my car is gonna go any day now and I've gotta save a bit for a trip my sister and I are planning. Oh, well, there goes my savings! Who needs savings, anyway. It's not like you can take it with you!

Monday, September 08, 2003

Heheheh! Once again I've managed to pull one over on the good old NeoStaff. I've got a real love/hate relationship NeoPets. I am thoroughly addicted to playing with my precious pets, and equally disgusted at the way the site becomes more and more censored each day. Their latest ban is on off site links in our shops. The old ones will remain intact so long as you don't update. Unfortunately I needed to update to add a link to my friend's (on-site) guild. Stubborn person that I am, I refused to give up my link to the Matthias Jabs shrine. The little kiddies there need to get some exposure to good rock bands. I had to find a way around this stupid new rule. There had to be a way around it, I knew. Suddenly it dawned upon me. One of my pets would just have to donate his pet page to my cause. Mavis's pet page is now a mirror of my shrine entrance! Ha! Take that, foolish NeoStaff!
Church picnic today. Boring! At least I was able to bring my "best friend" along. I wrote a little more to the next part of the Scorp-Fic. If perchance I am able to take my full half hour lunch most days this week, I might have it posted by the end of the week. I wouldn't stake my life on it if I were you, though...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Success at last! Well, at least partially...I finally figured out how to get that THING off of "Matthias." Actually it was three separate THINGS and what I needed to get them off was a simple little allen wrench. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. It turns out that the THINGS are little decorative spacers for the strings. This discovery was made by my dad, a man who doesn't know a pick-up from a peanut...go figure...
Alas, more problems arose and the new strings are still not on "Matthias." On the back of most electric guitars, there is a little plastic panel that mut be removed in order to change the strings. On this particular model, said panel is held in place by six little phillips screws, remove them and you're home free. The first three came off effortlessly, but the others must've been put on with an air wrench! I tried to remove them, Ray tried to remove them, my dad tried to remove them....they wouldn't budge! Whoever designed that particular model of guitar had to be some sort of deranged madman! And so the saga continues...

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I've been thinking. A dangerous activity, really! In fact, what I have been doing is working on my own little arrangement of "Wind of Change." It is nearly finished. I have but the intro and a few bridges between verses to work out. It is a fairly simple chording arrangement, written in "G." When it is finished, I think I shall post it in the shrine. Most of the stuff I have found of this particular song is written in "C" but that just doesn't quite suit my vocal range. Anyway, if you want to use it yourself after I post it, feel free to transpose it to whatever key suits you.
Heheheh! I've been to some of those guitar tab sites...what a riot! These people put copyright notices on their stuff like as if they wrote the freaking song. Well....EXCUSE ME! The only person who wrote that particular song is Klaus Meine. Get a life people! The least they could do is get the lyrics right, especially since they are printed in the liner notes of "Moment of Glory."
Has this turned into another of my rants?! I do SO love to rant...

Monday, September 01, 2003

Oh...geez...There was an annoying glitch in the system here that only seemed to effect my laptop! Somehow all of my posts were permanently stuck on August 16! It seems to have been fixed now but that did not save my "real" post from August 16 from being permanently deleted. Lesson learned from this... Put all posts in a word pad document so that they can be retrieved in such an instance. Because of the loss of the previously mentioned post, there are some things that I feel that I must explain (again)!
Hop in my handy time machine and go back with me to August 10, 2003.
We arrive at the Expo Mart in Monroeville. There is a wad of money burning a great big hole in my pocket...but not for long! This is a computer show we are entering! My son wants a new laptop, with good reason, his old one is dying a slow, miserable and painful death. First order of business is to get him a new one. He finds a Gateway with *GASP* a 30 gig hard drive. He must have it. I spend too much time purchasing it for him. The laptop that I had fallen in love with for myself has been sold. :( I must now search the show for something similar, or wait to have one shipped. I find a similar one (not quite as nice, but similar). I purchase it. I now have a new best friend. But, what is this?! I still have much money left! Even the purchase of yet more computer equipment does not deplete my supply.
Procede with me across the road to the mall. While there, I discover that there is a Guitar Store in the annex. I simply must go there. I restrain myself from purchasing yet another strat. The place seems to have one to fit every budget. I instead purchase strings for the two that I already own..."Blackie" and "Matthias". Yes, I name my guitars. You got a problem with that?! I also own an acoustic which I have afectionately named "Klaus." My 12-string, named "Gregg" and my hand made classical, "Mildred", are both missing. If someone does not soon tell me what he did with them, heads are gonna roll! But that is an entirely different story, which I just am not in the mood to tell.
My money spent, I arrive home to put the strings on my two five string strats. :) Problems arise. I discover that upon snapping the "E" string on "Blackie" a little washer thingee around the tuning peg also must have come off. I have no idea where it could be. I cannot re-string "Blackie" until I buy a replacement part or think of a way to temporarily fix it. OK, so I'll re-string "Matthias" instead. But what is this?! There is some sort of clamp thingee across the top of the strings. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it off! Oh, the frustration....
Back to the present. I hope this clarifies a few things. I am now saving this entry as a word pad document...