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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Rants & Raves for Today!

Rave #1: I managed to fix my precious "Blackie" by doing a little trick with some aluminum foil. He even has six intact stings, light guage...super slinky...the ONLY way to go. Trust me. Your fingers will thank you.
Rant #1: I STILL can't figure out how to get that little...whatever it is...THING....off of "Matthias!" There is a nice set of the aforementioned strings just waiting for him. I have turned him upside down, sideways, and everything in between trying to figure out how to get that THING off with no success. There has to be a way to do it, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out!
Rave #2: I finally got the second part of the scorp-fic completed and posted. Were there a better battery in my laptop, I'd be much farther along. If you'd like to read it so far, click here.
Rant #2: I was writing a bit of HTML for a friend of mine who is sorely lacking in those skills. It was a rather amusing Gundam Wing Fan Fic written in script format, so it was quite tedious work putting in all of the line breaks. I lost all of my work at one point, due to the crummy battery in this machine. I finally got done at about 1:00 AM. I saved the file in my writings folder and proceded to my email to send it to my friend. But do I send him the correct file?! Heck, no! I accidentally send him the at that time, incomplete second part of my Scorp-Fic! Rather scary out of context. I'm still not sure if he thinks I'm a deranged loonie now!
Rave #3: The Guitar Store is having a big sale on Monday! I want to get a new 12 string...
Rant #3: Even though I am SUPPOSED to be on their mailing list, I did not get the notification about the sale. I only learned about it because I deliver mail and several of my customers got the notifications. Doesn't seem too bad until you realize that it's a private sale and you need the little post card thingee to get the special prices! Argh!

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Here it is 8/3/03, and I am so depressed. The concert mentioned earlier has come and gone, and I was not there. It was not as if I really thought I could go, but it was such a nice little pipe dream. Maybe next year... Goodness I can just see my mother's face as I tell her I am going to Germany to see the Scorpions! Heheheh! That alone would be priceless. My sister seems to think she would drop dead of a heart attack if I made this anouncement, but I think she can handle it. I suppose if I manage to somehow save enough money, we shall find out. Please don't die, Mom!
I got a one word NeoMail a few days back. The one word? Deutsch? Had to tell the poor girl no, but I was quite amused by it. That is what I get for putting those song lyrics in my shop. 'Du bist so schmutzig, und doch so schön, Oh du meine phantasie!' Translated...You are so dirty and yet so beautiful, Oh you're my fantasy! Obviously the prudish Neo Staff doesn't speak German or that would've been cleared a long time ago! So...I lied...I do know more than two or three words. I like to be misleading, hence my new email signature...

Mein leben, meine obsession, meine phantasie.