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Monday, July 28, 2003

Woo Hoo!! I've gone and done it again. I bought myself yet another guitar. I probably paid more than it was worth, but I don't care. It looks ultra cool and sounds great, not to mention that it was just soooo comfortable to play. It felt like it was made just for me! Ooooo...I just love it! Now if I could just find a Gibson Explorer for less than eight hundred bucks, I'd be in hog heaven! I'd settle for a well made copy model, but it MUST be white. Anyone out there knowing where I might be able to find one, puh-leese click on the contact link above. you will have my eternal gratitude!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I have two obsessions.This is one of them. It is the more realistic of the two. At least these guys are real live humans.
Why am I so obsessed with these guys?
Just look at them!

A picture really is worth a thousand words!


What Happens When a CD Player Eats a Scorpions CD?
Thinking back, it is really quite amusing. It was not so at the time it happened!
For some odd reason I had decided to use my 'other' computer. Sitting next to said computer there used to be a stereo. Feeling a need to fill the silence around me, I popped Eye II Eye in the CD changer tray of the stereo. I sat there quite happily playing with my NeoPet and singing harmony with Klaus. Until...
Suddenly the music just stops! I have not touched anything. Still, I remain calm. I open the disc changer door. My CD is nowhere to be found! I try to rotate the changer tray. It will not budge. I am beginning to feel nervous...
I think that perhaps I need to close the tray for it to rotate, so I try to do so. It stops halfway, neither fully open nor fully shut. I am overtaken by the fear that someting terrible has happened to my CD...
I do not do anything crazy...yet. I look into the half closed CD tray, trying to locate my CD. I am still unable to locate it. I realize at this point that it must have somehow slipped from the tray and is stuck somewhere inside that blasted cheap stereo. It must be my CD that is preventing the door from functioning properly. Madness begins to set in...
I rip the plug from the outlet & tear out the speaker wires. I throw the stereo onto the bed with the back side facing up. I peer into the ventilation holes. There I see my precious CD, lodged in the back of the changer tray. I become frantic...
The back of the stereo is held on by what seems to be a million phillips screws. I must get it off to rescue my CD! I search for a phillips screwdriver. All I find is one of those tiny precision ones. I try desperately to use it to loosen the screws with no success. I must have that CD! True madness finally sets in...
"F*ck this cheap stereo!" I think. I will break the back off the damned thing! I run hysterically about the house, looking for an object large and heavy enough to do the necessary damage. I find an old shower curtain rod...Yeah...That'll work! I begin to bash the back of the stereo. Pieces of plastic and solid state circuitry begin to fly everywhere! I do not care. All that matters is that I rescue my CD. I manage to break away enough of the back to reach my CD and dislodge it. OH, NO!!! It slips from my fingers and into the deepest recesses of what is left of the stereo. I now go completely ballistic! I bash away at what remains of the stereo. There is nearly nothing left of the back cover. Pieces are hanging loosely within. I see my CD! I reach in to retrieve it. I dust away the debris and pop it in my CD ROM drive as I should have in the first place. It plays perfectly! The stereo lies dead on the bed, but The Scorpions are safe.
Isn't that all that matters...?

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

The concert photos of Matthias are almost all posted now.
My keyboard is soaked with drool! I'll be doing the group photos next. You will notice that I've finally converted the height - weight info on the main page to terms we stubborn Americans can understand. Interesting, it is the same as the info listed for Treize. See my other obsession for details.